Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And Down She Goes

Yesterday I had two choices: 1. Go to church and get my nails done or 2. Go to work. I chose number 1. Sadly it was because I so badly wanted my nails done and had little to do with checking out the daily mass offered at our church. But without getting into to much detail - the mass was nice and I think I will try to go a few days a week once Advent starts.

The story is the nails:

So I go to Star Nails, which is a chain and which I like. The ladies running it normally make fun of you in an Asian language and start laughing. Once M (My sister) and I went and the ladies kept asking if we wanted to get waxed too, when we said no they started laughing. We were border line humiliated - but at the same time just started cracking up. Anyway, the last time M and I went we made sure we both tweezed our eye brows before going. So yesterday, I go myself. I tweeze, I shave, give myself the once over and I go.

The message was fantastic - probably the best I have had. During which the lady said "you have soft legs. Except this line here - do you want me to wax?" Yea - apparently I missed a spot shaving! I declined the wax. Next she does the mani pedi and after an hour of pampering it is time for me to go. But I forgot my flip flops so the lady lets me keep these little foam ones they put on you for the pedicure. Well, as discussed I have flippers. So my toes sort of hang off the front and a sliver of my heal off the back. But whatever - I was only parked a few spaces from the door.

Upon exiting the salon I cringe because it is still raining. I gingerly walk out across the parking lot and oh so gracefully slide about ten feet with my arms flailing about, one leg up in the air, one hand trying to stop me and my keys flying across and hitting a car. As I am sliding these darn fake flip flops are coming apart and I am just praying no one really notices me. It seemed like an eternity until my knee finally broke my fall and I was able to stand up get me keys and rush into my car. Nails - so wrecked. (But not all that bad, I was able to fix the few that were wrecked at home) Once I get to the car I look back where I fell and notice one of the flip flops - I just left it there. I slid on those white and yellow lines painted on the ground. They are so slick when they are wet!

Only me.


Kim said...

glad you got to pamper yourself. Geez to spend all that money then go outside to only have it ruined. Geez hope you didnt get hurt when you fell

Jamie said...

The way you first made it sound was that you were going to church to get your nails done! Of course I knew what you meant. Oh that would be so embarassing! And what a bummer to ruin them!!!

I hope life can only get better said...

I wish my church did nails! lol