Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Seriously, Shut the F UP

Are you F'ing kidding me?!?!? Apparently my pathetic luck with the CW and OTH is continuing to send me on a downward spiral. Actually I was already on the spiral just unaware of it. I am so ticked and not just at companies I have no real attachment or loyalty to. Oh where to begin...

  1. I need my own cell phone.
  2. I need my own GPS & the Indians to move out!
  3. I need my own camera
  4. I want my own money
  5. I want my own DVR
  6. I want a new elbow
  7. I want this darn cold to go away!

#1, my cell: Scott brings it on all his trips. He travels a lot. Last week he was suppose to go to New York. I drove him back and forth to the airport five different times while he tried to catch a flight that kept getting delayed and eventually canceled. The last trip turned out to be VERY expensive and scary.

S called around 6:40 to say his flight and his trip were canceled and to come get him. So I get C and Maggie rounded up. C was in Jammies already and Maggie just looked so sad that we were leaving the house, again. So I load in the troops and off we go. We got to the airport at 6:48 and drove around the pick up location six or seven times. By this time it is past seven, it was dark and I was thinking, well maybe at the last minute the flight took off. But I have no phone to call S and find out the scoop.

I decide to park in hourly parking and go inside the airport. Parking is four dollars and I knew that USAF would pay us back for that. As I am parking I see a sign that says NO PETS. Then it says that violators will be ticketed and could face possible jail time if pets are left in the cars. But by this time is is almost 7:30 and I am frantic trying to find S. So I tell C we just have to hurry up. I park in between to HUGE SUV's and hope no one can really see my smaller station wagon. Then I realize the kid has no shoes and is wearing only boxers and a thin T shirt. Luckily I he had left his ugly crocks in the back and I had a sweat shirt for him, but still it was cold and he was way under dressed. I felt like a terrible mother.

We run into the airport and search for a working pay phone. It took a few minutes. Finally we find one and of course I have no change. But you can use your debit card. But the phone doesn't really work. I tried a few times and then finally got a operator to help me. But I get voicemail. By this time I am convinced that the plane took off. So C and I run to the car and see a flashing light on top of a work truck stopped one vehicle away from ours. It is airport security. The guy was waiting for us! He sort of waved his hand to me while I was getting C in the car. Then another airport goer started asking this guy where the exit was, so I just took the opportunity and zipped out of there. I know the guy was going to say something to me, or worse give me the ticket.

Next we go around the airport a few more times and finally at almost eight we see S. He was P.O.ed to say the least. He was so exasperated by the airport and the workers there that he looked like a deflated balloon. I really felt so bad for him that I just did even complain about running around like a crazy women for the last hour and twenty minutes. He explained that right after he called me he realized he might need some sort of travel form from the airline to explain the mess because otherwise he might have an issue trying to get work to cover all the charges for the hotel, and his personal costs for the day. When he attempted this someone was helping him, said they'd be back and never returned. He had to ask two or three more people and it just took forever.

So we get home and I check the computer to see the payphone charge. I print out the charge or 5.00 and the parking fee of 4.00 and ask him to please try to put that money on his travel voucher. He did this the next day and was surprised they said yes so easily. Someone in the finance office even did all the paperwork for him just to be sure. It was great.

Fast forward to today. I check our bank account. The five dollar payphone charge dropped off and was replace by this:

Oct 5, 2009 IOS TEL TO 5083402595 800-2262606 TX DEBIT CARD PURCHASE ($35.95)

I called that 800 number to complain, thinking that was accidental charged for the seven or so times I tried the call before talking to the operator. I was so wrong and was told I had the opportunity to ask the operator the rate. The call was three minutes in duration. I argued as politely as I could and just said I had no idea I'd be billed over $10.00 PER MINUTE! I was told that wasn't the case it is just that the calls are expensive and the rate is only a dollar a minute but with CC fees and tax the charge is high. The man, Todd who was on the other end was actually nice, but obviously he works for a rapist. Eventually he offered me a partial credit of $17 and change. So minus the five the Air Force offered to pay, it still cost us $12.00 and a splitting head ache. I need my own phone.

#2, my GPS & neighbors. If I had my own and we didn't have Indian neighbors I wouldn't have gotten yelled at by the cop and cried.

The Indians, they have ten cars. To be fair, one is a twenty passenger bus and nine are other assorted cars, SUVs, and work trucks. Their driveway holds the bus, a blue tarp covering an entire house worth of furniture and two cars. The rest of the cars get parked in the street. Two of them in front of our house, two at our neighbors and a few sort of jammed in at the end of their driveway sort of in the middle of the street.

On Saturday we had a party for C. So Friday night S scoped out one of the street spaces directly in front of our house so that our guest could use our driveway. I parked in the grass.

Saturday morning we needed to take Maggie over to Doggie day camp. I asked S to bring her. We ended up having this huge fight over it. Here are the highlights:

  • He didn't want to take his car because the neighbors would seize his parking spot
  • He holds the GPS, it wasn't charged
  • He didn't remember where Pet Smart was
  • I yelled directions to him at least three times, I yell, he just stops listening (don't blame him)
  • He takes my car, but my car doesn't have a lighter / charger so he cannot use the GPS
  • If I had my own GPS it would be charged
  • I finally say and not in a nice way, that I could have been to Pet Smart and back by now and get in the car and leave
  • We say we are sorry when I get home

But the story doesn't end there. Oh no. Herndon was having a parade that day and the side street we live off of was blocked to through traffic. It wasn't a problem leaving but coming home was a whole other ball game. I circled our block but there were barriers everywhere.

I went back to the one barrier that had a guard / volunteer and turned left onto the street and stopped to chat with him and see what to do. But instead this Cop gets off his motorcycle and starts yelling at me. Asking me if I can read, saying "can't you read the sign it says no left turn!?" "can't you tell this street is blocked off?" "Can you read, what to do need to say so bad that you can disobey traffic signs?" and the tirade continued for at least a minute which felt like an eternity. I just started to cry and cry hard. Through my sobs I just look at the volunteer and say "I live here, the signs says no through traffic, but I live here." Then the cop gets back on his motorcycle and peels off back towards where I need to go. The volunteer looks at me and asks what street I live on. I tell him and ask if there is a different way to go that I do not know, and he says, "no this is fine. If he gives you any trouble just tell him I said it was okay." then he lets me through.

I go one block up the street and the cop won't let me pass. He is yelling something to me and gets off his bike. Then he moves the barrier and gets back on. We go one more block and he does the same thing. This time I just go around him, still crying and sobbing and by this time I really need a box of Kleenex.

So if the Indians didn't have twenty people living in one house and own ten cars (I don't really know how many people live there, but the ten cars is no exaggeration) and I had my own GPS that was charged S would have taken Maggie and I would have been happily cleaning up the house while he was away. However it didn't work out that way instead I came home all upset and S thankfully was cleaning. Which was really nice. Hug, hug, kiss, kiss we make up and try to forget about the asshole cop. Who by the way, was wrong, the sign didn't say no left turn it said No through traffic, but I wasn't through traffic. Asshole.

#3, a camera. S travels a lot. He takes the camera with him. I cannot sell anything on Ebay or CL without a picture! It drives me crazy. This man is in school full time. He uses the computer day and night and I have free time when he is AWAY! Hello, McFLY!!!! you've been to Denver a billion times I think you captured the beauty a while back.

#4, my own money: I just want my own. I am so tired of scraping and saving just to transfer money from one account to another just to pay bills and cover stupid things like pay phone calls. I need my own money. I feel lost and drowning in a sea of debt and cannot really focus on the big picture of it all. IVF killed our savings and maxed our CC. I don't really know what to do, but I don't want to explain why I chose to go buy a two dollar cup of coffee. Not that S cares or even pays attention. I just feel like I have to have an answer because it is my responsibility to take care of the money.

#5, my own DVR: Everything works great in the off season. However come premiere season life sucks. The DVR can only do two non permanent things at once. We can record one show and watch another or we can record two shows and watch one that is already on the DVR. If you have a recording for more than two shows at the same time the DVR chooses the one last two you put in or the ones you set a priority for. S and I have shows at the same time and my show didn't get recorded this week. I want my own.

#6. my elbow: Yeah it sucks.

#7, my cold: So does my cold.


Kim said...

Oh my,how frustrating for you. Well S should read this and make all those things your Christmas presents this year. What a jerk that cop was. I would of cried too.I hate when people are rude and act like jerks to me. 20 Indians in one house.Holy crap! That would really get on my nerves w/ all their cars parked everywhere.

I hope life can only get better said...

Who the F needs 10 cars! Greed, takes up the parking on your street. Time to sing 10 little Indians I see. LOL I can so feel for you with the cop, I was ready to cry yesterday myself when I got the ticket, he made me feel like I was a drunk or something, and I did Stop at the Stop sign. I don't even know where the hell he came from. It was like he fell from the sky. I have had it with young, high on themselvs. small town cops who think they run the town! Really what was up his ass, all he had to do was talk to you and let you go by. Jamie I feel for you!! Hope the week gets better.

Jamie said...

ROFLOL at IHLCOGB's "time to sing to 10 little Indians". What a nightmare! All of it. I was standing in customer service at Kohl's yesterday and saw a sign for seasonal help. I actually considered it. With what spare time I have no idea, but then I'd have $ to do what I want with without feeling guilty. Ok, I was sooo going to comment more but I have way too many distractions right now (and apparently a poopy diaper to change?).