Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sickness

C is sick. Yesterday I kept him home and for half the day he was FINE, the other half he ran a fever and had an upset tummy. The problem was that the halves were mixed, an hour here, two hours there. Anyway - this morning he woke me up at 2:00, and me in all my great mommy wisdom assumed it was between six and seven, so I plodded into the kitchen and started the coffee. Before I got too much into the routine I did notice the correct time, shut off the coffee pot and grabbed the kids Motrin before I went back up to bed. C was up and down almost every hour and finally around 6:00 his 102 fever broke. By 7:00 he was watching Sponge Bob had eaten a decent breakfast and was jumping from the couch to the coffee table while pretending the dog was Squidward ... so, I sent him to school.

I know the rule is 24 hours after a fever - but please he was fine. I pumped him full of 12 hour cough syrup and a fever reducer just to be safe and sent him to school with note telling his teacher he "presented with no symptoms other than a slight cough and has taken an OTC syrup." So far - no phone calls from the school.

In other sickness news: it is so early to talk about Christmas - but after the whole W deal and my planning Christmas events back in August - I have it on the brain and am secretly excited, for the good parts anyway. I found a dress at SteinMart over the weekend that would be perfect for the show... Jesus would be so proud of my addiction to material possessions in honor of his special day! I know, as always, I am so going to hell - sending my kid to school sick, longing for a new dress, keeping those LUCKY jeans, the list goes on and on - I wouldn't want to corrupt you with "the sickness".


Kim said...

Well hope C is on his way to recovery. I know as soon as my kids take motrin within 20-25 minutes they are running around like they arent sick. Love that Motrin!!!!

Jamie said...

Mean mommy:) JUST KIDDING!!!!!! I'm so you're not the only parent to do that...I bet most do! Oohh a new dress is always nice, go ahead and pamper yourself- you deserve it!