Wednesday, October 14, 2009

False Witness'

You know I just typed this big long explanation and story and then just deleted it. I don't need explanations - it is my blog right?!?!?

Basically I am getting a little tired of false witness and at time good old fashioned witnessing. I have a FB friend who is posting all these new posts about the Godly life. Two months ago she posted things like "BEER... YUM" and "TGIF wheres the alcohol." So maybe shes changed, great hope she has, but it is so phony - new Christians praising all it erks me. Today she posted a really cool saying, but I wonder how true from her end. It is annoying.

Then there is issue I am having with another parent at C's school. Really it is no issue - I am just dwelling on it. Here is what happened, the conversation between my Friend A, myself, and another parent

A "my daughter saw Jesus in the jewelery store yesterday"

Me "What?"

A laughs and explains that "I was picking up my ring and A was looking in a case and saw a cross and started to get really excited and say "Mommy I see Jesus" "

Me laughing says "good times, C use to think homeless people in San Fransisco were Jesus because of their beards and crazy hair."

We both laugh and the other parent says "my daughter wouldn't make those associations, we don't do church"

Then I tell the parent how I was raised with out going to church but decided as a teen that I wanted to be Catholic. It was a quick story about me loving to go to bible camp and how I made my mother sign me up for a Mormon camp. (- In real life that is a funny story only because my poor sister had to go with me and hated every waking minute of it.) So after A and I giggled a little over that I got up and tended to the children.

A tells me later that she felt awkward talking to this parent and wanted to get to know her better so tried to start up a conversation when I left room. She asked her "so, can you just not find and church to go to?" Apparently the other parent didn't really answer and the silence stayed there until I returned. But I didn't know this until the other parent went home.

So now, I send this parent an email thanking her for the Bday gift she brought C and asking her if she'd like to get the kids together to play. She ignores my email. I do not have a telephone number for her or I would leave a message. Maybe she just isn't an email type of person. But it has been awhile.

A is so sweet and loving, and she sometimes just can't fathom why someone wouldn't want to go to church. I wonder if her pressing the issue made this parent not want to talk to me anymore. I don't know; but regardless can we just put the witnessing on hold? I know - I am going straight to hell.


Kim said...

First of all prayers to that lady.Pray God changes her heart and you and A can be a witness to her. DOnt let it get to you if she doesnt contact you.Some people just have no humor.I think the kids comments about Jesus is so cute and innocent.

Jamie said...

Wow, well kuddos to you for even talking about it, and A too. Hopefully a seed was at least planted!

I hope life can only get better said...

We all beleive in our own ways and the in your face people can turn me off. But the people who don't want to hear it at all or dismiss our religon bother me even more. I have slacked in the faith department, but I relalize the diservice I am doing my children. So this year C is making both first communion, and first penance to catch up. since we have been back to church I have felt some peace and even though its hard to have D in church we are the better for it. I owe some of that to you J, early this year you talked to me about this, and you were a big help. (as always) :)