Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun ... It's Contagious

What an afternoon. C was in a foul mood, S came home with a headache , I was getting annoyed because the chicken I took out for dinner was spoiled (darn commissary), and the left overs we ate instead weren't much better. So pretty much we had a house full of grumps. S went upstairs to lay down, he wasn't sure if it was a migraine, but he was not feeling well at all. C retreated to the TV room and I was tempted just to tool around online, but then I asked C if he wanted to ride bikes.

So, we go outside and C gets in his mustang instead of a bike and I drag out my bike. First we were just riding up and down the street but then we just started racing around in the circle. After about 30 minutes S comes out and takes a random picture of us - who knows why. Then C decides he wants to use his scooter. He stinks at the scooter. Well, I should say he use to stink at it. Tonight he zipped around it for over half an hour and was even inventing tricks. He was telling me all these stories about made up wars and Christopher Columbus. It was so sweet. Eventually he called S back out to watch his new tricks and we were all laughing and goofing around as a family.

S went back in and C and I rode around for a little while longer. Then when we went inside S surprised us by saying he felt worlds better after a short rest and a shower and he wanted to go search for golf balls with C. So the boys went out behind the fence and searched for lost balls. The found 14.

Maggie was all in a tiff because she couldn't go on that side of the fence, so I got out her tennis balls and a volleyball and started playing around. It was a blast. The dog is riot, she chases the balls and basically flips over them because she doesn't slow down when she tries to pick one up. The volleyball is even funnier, because she can't always get it in her mouth so she starts kicking it around like a soccer ball. It really felt good to be playing and hanging out with my family. I could see the boys in the gully having fun, Maggie and me were having fun running around and life was good.

Once it got dark we all came in and to my surprise the boys had plans to play a game. So here I am with time to blog, and check out my eBay sales. I did great, making over 200.00 minus costs is about $145.00 just in the last five days. I know it won't always be like this. I hit the Halloween costume deal at the right time and people way over paid for used costumes. (suckers :P)) I work for G Money tomorrow - blahhh real work.... I like my shopping job better.

I have Zumba in an hour. I am looking forward to it. Nothing like bouncing around singing Latin dance songs and making a complete fool of yourself. Good times - it really is contagious.


I hope life can only get better said...

Wish i was there!

Jamie said...

What a fun night! I played Clue with H, her favorite game. The boys play Wii. Too cold for me to play outside these days! So glad you guys had fun and got your grumpies out:)