Saturday, October 31, 2009

Candy! Candy!

So, I ended up taking C to the base last night for trick-or-treat time. We didn't have a plan or anything we just sort of showed up. First we went to our old neighbors house and it was just 6:00, start time. T was so happy to see us and so were the kids. We haven't seen them since September. The kids were all so thrilled to see each other they were hugging and laughing and saying "we miss you, are you moving back in here?" and C said "No, we're just visiting, but we wanted to see you first because your my best friends." It was so sweet and cute. C and triplets were all just too cute. J was even wearing one of C's old costumes! The kids asked if we could go trick-or-treating with them and of course I said yes. So their dad, D, and I took the four kids door to door in the old neighborhood. After the first 20 or so house D said "okay kids, we're rounding the block so Miss Jamie and go back and hang out with Mommy and I am taking you to 100 HOUSES YEAHHHHHHHHHH!" The kids were just tickled pink and so was I. D was so nice to offer to take C out trick-or-treating while I crashed at his house unannounced and hung out with T. In the end I had so much fun I didn't want to leave.

Eventually we met up with A and her family. Again the kid were happy to see each other, but it wasn't the excitement we had with T & D's kids. We went to a few house and then all the kids wanted to stop, they were getting tired. A invited us to hang out at her house for awhile, but when I asked C he said "I just really want to go home and get into my nice comfy bed". I ended up declining the offer and telling her that we could not get together on Saturday. I explained that it was just too much for us and we were getting spread too thin. She was perfectly happy with that explanation and happy to agree we'd get together soon. I was relieved. I wanted to go, but I just couldn't do another trip out there so soon. It is too much.


Kim said...

SOunds like you guys had a great time w/ your friends. Hwo cool for that guy to offer to take C around so you could chill w/ your friend.

Jamie said...

Sounds like it worked out real well! How fun to see some friends again and to be able to hang out!