Monday, November 2, 2009

It is Offical

Well actually many things are official; beginning with:

  1. My job is so lame, G didn't even show up today and I spent an hour or so here and there on facebook, email, lunch, and talking to my mom. My scanner is really slow and I was just filling the time. Except when my mom called, then I just took ten.
  2. My husband raked the front yard. I am still in shock.
  3. Cooper has 4 cavities. I am still in shock.
  4. Cooper is only at level one reading when he should be at a six according to the parent teacher conference we had today. I am not shocked or even a little surprised.
  5. I am all candied out.
  6. Dinner cannot come fast enough tonight, it is already cooking. I forgot about the time change, so we are eating SO early!
  7. The time change is killing me. I was wide awake at six this morning and God knows I am going to pay for that on Wednesday when C goes back to school and I go back to work.
  8. Fairfax County Public Schools are weird. C has off today and tomorrow for teacher conference days. It is bad enough he has a half day every Monday.
  9. According to #4 he needs more time in school. His teacher agrees and now he will have a reading program twice a week for an hour before school. Good thing I have a car these days.
  10. My son is so funny. He made up his first joke ever that made sense. Normally he says things like why do the curtains have stripes and he would say because they blue and laugh his head off. Funny, maybe, but it gets a little old sometimes. Well, this morning he says "hey mom, what do you call chicken in a box?" and I say "I don't know" and he says "Fried chicken!" I thought that was cute. He must have had KFC on the brain.


Jamie said...

LOL Love Coop's joke;) That stinks about the cavities...yikes! And the reading, but I wouldn't worry- he'll get 'caught up'. They all learn at such different levels. Go S for raking! I wish Z would get out there and mow the lawn one more time but heaven forbid he's taking two more classes and busy as always w/homework. I hate it! Whatever happened to family time?

I hope life can only get better said...

Dale always has a cavity when we go to the dentist. I brush his teeth still, and have got him the act floride rinse. Hopefully that, and cutting out on his midnight juice trips will help. I don't know about G, but I would take even a lame job about now.