Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Assholes

I cannot stand them. There it is said. My stomach is in knots over it and now I am remembering why I banned the Massachusetts Holiday Season. My in-laws are assholes.

They made is quite clear that they don't think we should come home and or don't want us there. The comments, the suggestions, the excuses, and the lies - they can keep them all. I cannot believe my family four pack is less crazy! My mother who can't tell a straight tale, my sister whose paying for an education that is making itself very hard to pay her back, my father whose know it all attitude still hasn't helped him get a job to support his education and me - a barren mess are all more sane and nice and polite and kind.

I try so hard to please them, to make them happy, to help them enjoy our time together and it is all for nothing. I am so tired of L being miserable and us being the ones who have to be understanding. I am so tired of D just going along with anything L wants. It is crazy - they are crazy. There isn't much I can do about it, but I tell you our passive natures are fading when it comes to this situation.

S told L and D that we would be going our cousin's wedding reception. (I am wicked excited about it - but somehow they have managed to ruin some of that excitement too) Anyway S explained that although we were all going we would not be driving with them because after the reception we are going to visit my sister and cousin. (very much looking forward to that too!) And L told him "well, I'm not surprised you won't be going with us." No good tidings, no - hope you enjoy - no too bad we wanted to drive out there with you to visit - no hey sounds great or that's right M has a new apartment hope you have fun - we got a wise ass comment and D said nothing. They disgust me lately. It probably doesn't sound all that bad taken out of the context that is our relationship with them - but I assure me and anyone else who remotely cares - it is only the tip of a cold iceberg.

Since the summer visit our contact with them has gone from at least once a week to maybe every three - and that is only because S calls. They have called only a few times since then. One day I assume they will just stop answering the phone and that will be the end of it. I can't imagine what we ever did or why we are worth so much disappointment and anguish to them. From my side we look like pretty awesome kids to have. We've been together since we were kids, we married after their son finished a college degree, we adopted our son five years into our marriage, we call, we write, we never forget a birthday, we invite them always, and include them in our lives, we've reach out to them in times of need and support, we've prayed for their needs and supported them. We never call and ask for money or favors. We attend the same church they raised their son in and we are raising our son the same way. Where did we go wrong? Misery loves company and we aren't obliging company I suppose.

Happy Holidays Assholes. No hard feelings, just know that I know. I know about your asshole feelings, your asshole mindset, your asshole beliefs, your asshole comments, your asshole perceptions, your asshole Christian attitude that suits you when you need it to, your asshole judgment, and your asshole guilt. I know all about it, assholes. Well you know what you can kiss - you can kiss mine.

Obviously I will be praying for forgiveness and the saving of my soul for the above outburst.


Kim said...

Oh My Jamie your a Hoot! Thats horrible that they are like that too. I guess there is just a time to live your own lives and give a crap what anyone else thinks or feels

Jamie said...

Wow. I know I certainly can understand the not being invited thing...and it sucks. My mom is turning more and more into my stepdad I think! I'm so sorry L & D are like that...maybe it would be best to cut ties, although how awful is that!?!?

I hope life can only get better said...

All I can say is I understand and I love you. Asshole comments, I get them from both sides and I am so passive agressive I just keep trying to make peace. God knows what is in your heart and what is in L & D's, he will forgive you. (but really there is nothing to forgive!) I have come to the conclusion that no family is normal, escept our own. lol