Monday, November 16, 2009

Riddle Me This ...

OTH - seriously I am still angered by the entire Payton and Lucas exit strategy, the network must have felt the burn of that because they actually mentioned them a few weeks ago in an episode - my God they didn't fall of the face of the planet - they just aren't there, imagine that. So I was on my way to dropping the program from my DVR list. In fact on occasion I fast forwarded the entire episode only briefly playing the Brook and Julian story line.

Then a few weeks ago something happened - one they mentioned P & L and brought some validity back to the story lines - two they actually had a story line - and three they managed to show that some of the new characters can actually act (a little scary since they act better than a few veterans - (sorry Hales - your facial expressions are the worst!) So here I am all caught up in the new heart throb's love life and wondering why I even care about it.

Not that this week was particularly cutting edge -in fact is was actually a little dry and predictable. No one has had a drug addiction in a while so they threw that bone to Millie, Brook found out she's not pregnant and revealed this week that she can't have kids - whatever - it isn't that easy to find that out and the doctors never say never even if it is the ugly disgusting, horrific, truth - I should know - but I digress. Mouth's character is just watching Millie fall apart and Dan is back with his new wife and former classmate of Nathan (this year's main, main character) Rachel. Blah, blah, blah. Life isn't that crazy or lusty or incestuous - and to think this show replaced my Joey and Dawson love affair - which by the end I was totally on board with Pacey. Wow - I think way too much about TV.

Speaking of Dawson's Creek - that actually replaced my 90210 obsession. Which started with my obsession of lust between a drunken teen, Dylan and Midwest smart ass, Brenda. Lust, lust, lust. By the time Dawson came around 90210 was on it's last legs - everyone was out of high school, college, and way into their careers - most of the main characters were gone and I think they were starting to have kids??? Some shows really need to end in their prime.

Moving on, or back: As I was watching OTH tonight I actually felt like crap. All these people intertwined living dream lives with dream bodies and great hair - even their problems seem self imposed and easy to solve. It is just a soap opera that runs once a week instead of five. They are all successful, all grew up to do what they wanted to do in their careers and they all have money - how strange. I am no where near where I wanted to be at 30 and I am 32.

Either I am tired, drunk from Diet Coke, or just PMSing somehow - but I swear seeing some stupid show about stupid people is really bugging me. Well - actually if I just take a step back I can see where the issue lies, anytime anyone suggests anything with pregnancy I flip out. In fact life is kind of sucky in that department right now. Kind of might be putting it lightly - and here after twenty minutes of writing about unimportant TV story lines I get to the point ...

Scott is re-enlisting next Monday. I hate it. It isn't fair. I don't want him too. If he stays in, that is it - were in for the 20. This enlistment will put him at 15 years by the time it ends. It make logical sense - it is good for his career - it is good for retirement and life time health insurance. Common sense wise it is a no brainer. But as good as the insurance is, it doesn't cover IVF and we are going to be paying for the last two attempts for a few years. And years even just months are an enemy to any IVFer. If we lived in Massachusetts we'd be covered - it is the state law. And people wonder why I always vote Democrat when I live in a republican world - HA. I want to go home. Stupid TV show. S and I talked about this but there isn't anything we can really do - it is almost as if we are just watching ourselves through a little snow globe - one that has been shaken too many times. I think he's almost numb to it. It isn't fair - we both know it, and he is just doing his best to continue with the good.

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Kim said...

Not sure what OTH is, I dont watch much tv. But isnt it funny how we get caught up in all that drama on a show. That is really a shame our insurance doesnt cover IVF. Hang in there. Be positive : )