Monday, November 9, 2009

What a Nightmare

I have been having horrid nightmares lately. Just horrid, C gets kidnapped and turns up with a sex offender, C gets lost forever, the house goes up in flames, I cannot find S and someone tells me he won't be back, and the worst one we all die and we are just lying there while the dog cries and whines. They are long drawn out dreams and a few times I woke up from the horror and then when I fell back asleep they continued.

These dreams have been happening for a little over a week. In this same time period I have been experiencing terrible jaw pain. I have TMJ, they changed the name of it over the years, I think it is TMD now, but I am not sure. Anyway the muscle connecting my upper and lower jaw get very sore. I use to have a mouth guard to wear at night that would help, but I have sadly lost it. Another one is over 600.00. I plan on getting a new one, but it takes months. I think this pain and my dreams are connected. Because of the pain I haven't been sleeping well.

Last night I took Tylenol PM before I went to bed. It knocked me out enough to sleep through the night and not have any memorable dreams. But man I cannot handle those one more night.

In other news: We have been spending money like it grows on trees. A new vacuum, a new microwave, out to eat, clothes, and tons of other crap. It is my fault, I don't really keep that great of track of our bank account. I just look online to see how much money we have, log on twice a month to pay the bills, and move on. We both had been pretty careful last month to avoid the bank card transactions and not go out to eat, so when I noticed we had extra money in our account I wasn't surprised. HA! I should have been. The VA gave us $900.00 for S's school that I didn't notice. Now we have a school bill and only 600.00 to pay it with . Oops. I forever do crap like this. I am going to try to get it all taken care of today. I had extra money last month from a refund and I put that in savings, so I am pretty sure that will cover it - but that money was our VK money.... Errrr.... Knowing we have money issues is just another thing that will keep the nightmares coming.

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Kim said...

Geez those are horrible nightmares. I hate waking up after a horrible nightmare only to go right back to dreaming it. Oh it's so easy to spend money isn't it?