Monday, November 30, 2009

November - Make it Disapear!

Holy Crap.

What more can one person take in a month? I tell ya - I am loosing it. Between the in-law battle, C doing crappy in school, the Thanksgiving traffic, bills, life in general, and now today - ERRRR.

Today it is rainy and cold. It was also the first day of one more tutoring program we were able to sign C up for. The teacher and the school sent home multiple notices that C can take the bus home and will be dropped off at 1:35 pm and if we are not there he will be returned to school and if this happens three times he will be kicked out of the program. So today I hike over to the bus stop at 1:25, just to be safe. The rain started to pick up and before I knew it the dog was soaked and time seemed to stand still. Then two different school buses went by and I started to get a little worried. Then a daycare bus went in the direction of the school and then ten minutes later returned. That is when I got really scared. Where the heck was my son? I ran back to the house. It is 1/10 of a mile - not far at all, but certainly if I am down the street the bus driver will not drop him off. So I ran fast and then went inside only to see it was 2:05! I called the school and they weren't even certain C was there. They kept saying some parents have already called because their kids weren't there either. I had to interrupt the lady and say "yes, but is my son C.W. there?" and the lady tells me to hold while she checks. Then she gets on the phone and says "Oh yes DJ has just walked in the door." I was livid at this point and quite curtly said "Is my son C.W. there? He is not DJ." The lady apologized and said he was and then added that she thinks the bus was a few minutes early because four kids came back and she thinks this because the first stop's kid was absent and the bus got an early start. I complained saying that it was more than a few minutes early. The stop was in my sight 10 minutes prior and then I added that they should inform the parents if the bus is going to be early and then call us immediately when they are returned to the school. I hung up and grabbed my keys. Then I proceeded to cry the entire way to the school.

C didn't really care, but I did. I told the school he won't be taking the Monday bus again and they seemed offended. After all they had to pull some strings to get the late bus to stop on our street after the tutoring program. But - who cares? I am not taking chances like that with my child. What if the weather was worse and he had to be on the bus even longer? What if .... there are endless possibilities that I don't like the thought of. I am really angry with the school. Is this program really worth it? He gets home on Monday's normally at 1:05. It is only an extra 30 minutes and plus if the bus gets an "early" start - how much time is he actually working extra? I have my doubts about this.


Jamie said...

Wow! That would be soooo scary! So glad C is ok!

Kim said...

Oh man I would be so mad too. I can imagine how scared you were when you didnt know where your son was especially living in DC. Glad he was ok.

I hope life can only get better said...

November is just the worse month on record! I think we need a do over!!! Thank god C was ok!!