Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Update

A lot has happened in the last few days. In general I am surprised at how much catches me off guard still. I am a smart girl, why can't I anticipate the unpleasant? Why can't I see the forest through the trees when I need too? Am I the only one? Here as usual is the long winded rundown:

  1. My Grandfather is doing okay. He has a bacterial infection in his blood and it has spread through his body. On Friday the doctors unplugged him from all antibiotics and just "made him comfortable" suggesting he wouldn't make it through the weekend. He defied logic and made it through to Saturday. In fact on Saturday he felt better and looked a lot better so the doctors hooked him back up to "curing" drugs and changed his prognosis to a long term care facility. Our family was very hopeful. Scott and I promised Grampa we'd take him to a ballgame in the spring and my sister promised him she'd see him at Christmas. Then on Sunday Grampa seemed worse, a little confused and very week from all the visitors the previous day. We are all hopeful he makes it through the Holidays, it is really his wish too.
  2. When we were in Jersey visiting S and I both had an epiphany. It put at ease about one decision we had to make. S has been contemplating staying in the USAF and, any follower knows, I wasn't too excited about it. In fact I was wishing he'd change his mind. His job makes close to six figures on the outside, and our insurance from the USAF doesn't cover a major procedure that we desperately need. But then the epiphany: Gramma paid for dinner the night we all visited my Grandfather. Her husband was in the hospital with number days, she's facing the idea of being a widow, but she wasn't worried about the house, money, bank accounts, or lack there of. Grampa is retired Military and has been in the hospital since the 8th of November. There will be no copay, there will be no bill, there will be no procedure uncovered. The money certainly would be nice now, but the insurance and pensions are unbeatable in the long run. S re-upped yesterday.
  3. My in-laws are assholes. Selfish and mean. We don't understand and we certainly do not want to at this point. They have a great ability to ruin our faith in family. Assholes. There could be more on it - but I am too upset over it. I wish they would just stop. What did we ever do to them? So sorry we are ruining their holiday plans by coming home. I'll go into later.

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Jamie said...

Glad your Grandpa seems to be better. It's the pits getting older and seeing our grandparents get sick and die.