Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I know I'm Lucky!

Oh man what an exciting and slightly embarrassing few days!

First, I won two tickets to see one of my favorite main stream bands One Republic at a private showing for 50 people at an Italian Resturant. They are touring with Rob Thomas and just stopped in for an interview with Jack Diamond and a record promotion. It was awesome. Really - I am so excited about it still and it has been more than twenty four hours since the show. Here is the quick run down:

I knew I was going to win something. I normally do. The first time I went to Vegas I knew I was going to win big, and I did, I couldn't lose. Once when I was kid my mom took us to a picnic and there was a raffle for prizes the tickets cost like five bucks - which was a lot more then than it is now, so we made a deal if I won great, enjoy but if I lost I owed her five bucks. I won a 1.00 kite - LOL. Another time at a Christmas party I knew I'd win the door prize. Everyone got a free ticket for coming and then you could buy extras. Scott asked me if I wanted more, and I just said no, this one is a winner, and I won a two night stay at a resort hotel - funny thing was it was in California only about 15 miles from our base??? So we went just to use the pool and all night the fire alarms were going off - I don't even remember if we stayed the night or left - LOL. So my point - sometimes I know when I am going to win something and sometimes it doesn't really turn out to be exactly what I thought or so great and other times it is the best thing ever.

So last week I was listening to one of my favorite radio stations at work and they announced that if you are the 10th caller when they play their song of the day then you win 1000.00. I was like "oh yeah, I am going to win that before Christmas" and I logged onto their website to get their phone number and entered their loyal listeners contest page. I have the radio on ALL day anyway so why not. I programmed their number into my cell and went back to work. So for the rest of the week and Monday of this week I logged on found the song of the day and listened away. I never got to be caller ten. But heck - I've got until December 24th right? So then on Monday night I get this call, from the radio station saying that I won tickets to their special luncheon with One Republic! I was freaking out. I called my friend and begged her to get a sitter and come with ... well, I don't think I actually had to twist her arm, Once she you tubed them she knew who they were. LOL.

So there it is the longest possible version of how I won a few tickets to a really cool event. We got to meet the band, albeit very quickly for a picture and autograph photos. We were served a free lunch and just enjoyed being there for a few short hours.

But this isn't' the lucky story. You know come to think of it I haven't done anything all that embarrassing lately. In fact I might have been challenging my record. Might of been being the operative word...

I have these great Old Navy Jeans. They are size 12 and I wear a 14 or 16 depending on the style. So needless to say I LOVE my size size 12 Mediums. Funny but they always fall down. In fact yesterday when my friend A met me at my house before the show I mentioned to her that I just wanted to wear my other jeans because these 12's wouldn't stay up. So I changed quick in my family room where there was a pile of clean laundry. I threw the 12's on top and off we went. Anyway this morning I got around to putting those jeans away and I noticed something funny. There is an adjustable waist band hidden inside just like the ones on kids jeans. Now I have had these jeans for at least two months and worn them plenty of times and somehow I never noticed this. I think because the elastic was lost inside the lining. So I fished it out of the lining and adjust them - I had to pull the belt thing all the way to the last loops to get them to stay up right. After my discovery I took them off (I tried them on once I found the adjustable waist) and was pretty happy with myself until I looked at the tag more carefully. Old Navy 12M. Yes my friends that would be Maternity not Medium. I wasn't sure if I wanted to cry or bust out laughing. I know I am lucky - only me. How on earth did I miss this? How would I know that Old Navy has Maternity clothes? Why would they be on the clearance rack in the regular sizes and why on earth were they only 9.99? Well that is easy - they thought the elastic was missing. So ... do I still wear them - or should I just list them on my eBay store and call it a day. Yeah - the store I know. But man these jeans are perfect! LOL - really only me.

Okay off to bed - and to check to see if I have any other size 12M, 14M, or 16M's for that matter.


Jamie said...

ROFLOL! You should keep the jeans! It's rare to find a pair you love, at least for me. That's awesome you won those tix! Cool! Are you going to share your pics here?

Kim said...

You Lucky Duck you.I wish I would win something. Hey if you cant tell their maternity jeans, then wear them. Yeah its not too often to find a great pair of jeans that fit comfy and you like.