Thursday, November 19, 2009

ABC's & XYZ's

Well it has been a week since C started tutoring and since we've been practicing phonics at home; I do see a slight improvement. I have also pinpointed his weakness, which I am wondering why his teacher didn't see it. In her defense she has 25 kids to worry about, not one.

C's problem lies in sounding out words. Looking back on his work it all looks like he has no idea what he is doing. Letters are everywhere, and there isn't a word that is even close to ... well, being a word. That is until detective Mom broke the code. We've been working on word spacing and the importance of writing all in one row. Those things he really needs practice with. But the cracked code lies in his phonics. He identifies the first sound and goes through the word piece by piece, but he only writes down the more prominent beginning and ending sounds. Suddenly I am able to decipher the work C has done. When I was able to read his story last night he got so excited. I could see his face light up and he was so proud that he actually did something right. His words were Bubgum - chocolat - mi - I - fs - gv -had. He spelled had and I right. I was impressed with his bubblegum and chocolate, and thrilled that I figured out fs was friends, mi was my, and gv was give because when I read those back to him his face just light up.

When C and I finished the work I talked to him about middle sounds. He was pensive over it for a few and then said - "Okay, can I play video games now?" and off he went. A little while later he came back to me and said, mom can I fix my story. I jumped at the chance, dropping the chore of dirty dishes (like I need convincing there) and got his work out of his backpack. He looked over his story and squeezed in a few middle sounds like a r in friends and a i in give. I didn't' hover too much and just let him work. I was bursting with pride.

This morning C had tutoring before school. I asked him if he was looking forward to it. He replied "Oh sure, I am pretty smart so I'll get this stuff soon." I started to cry. I am such a girl.


Kim said...

Aww WTG C! Spelling out words is tough for those little ones. Especially writing what they hear, there are letters that are silent so they just dont write them. Jarrett still spells words wrong by just sounding them out. HE'll get it soon.

Kerry said...

Hey there are doing great work with Cooper! There is definitely a line...where if you correct their spelling too much they may not want to write anything for fear of making a mistake.( dont worry you are no where near the line) :-) He seems to be making good progress, he will get those middle sounds. Sometimes, I have kids sound out the word they are trying to write because they try to spell it and they get more sounds that way. One more thing..can you come teach at my school?? is so good to hear that there are people who still believe in phonics...:-)
ok the phonics teacher is sounding off..
keep smiling :-)

Jamie said...

Wow, thats awesome! Too funny about you crying about C. He's so cute!

I hope life can only get better said...

C is trying so hard, I also still beleive in Phonics. My C had such trouble, and this year he has made leaps and bounds he is only a half grade behind the other 4th graders and reading at grade level. I am a firm beleiver that every kid learns at his own pace.