Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not Sooooo Bad

I am in Massachusetts and actually heading up to bed in a few, but really I just wanted to waste even more time doing nothing before relenting and admitting that vacation is really over. Also I am addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook and need to wait to earn more energy on the darn game. (pathetic I know)

L wasn't so bad this time around. I enjoyed our visit the other day and could tell she was making an effort to be more positive. It was a stretch, but she did try.

Thanksgiving was pleasant and quite calm. The food was really good. This is a stretch for me to admit because I really don't like this holiday food. I always feel sick after and don't really care for Turkey. I use to like it but then about five or six years ago I made a turkey for a holiday and it was great. I sliced off the breast meat and the legs and left the rest in the pan. Later that day when we started to clean up we realized that the center of the bird was frozen solid. We had six people eating the other parts of the turkey and no one else got sick. But, I had to call them all and tell them and I was really embarrassed and felt terrible. I was really puking sick the next day and haven't really enjoyed any style of holiday food since - except of course desert.

In other news, I am really tired. We never get any sleep while we are here. It is always go go go. Thanksgiving, black Friday shopping, visiting and even today - we went to a wedding reception, also very nice and then after went to my sisters for games and an awesome dinner, now almost midnight and I am just starting to wind down.

Oh well, home sweet home, not so bad this time around - Worcester might loose it's 'destination' only tag if it isn't careful.


Kim said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit home. I always feel yucky after Thanksgiving dinner too. I am so paranoid when cooking meat especially chicken.I have a meat thermometer and use that thing constantly to make sure all my meat is good and done

Jamie said...

Ew, I wouldn't like it either after that experience! Glad you got to see family and had a good time doing so!