Sunday, November 8, 2009

America's Most Wanted

I think the Herndon honeymoon period might be over.

Friday night C wen to the community center for "kids night out". It is a prepaid event once a month where the kids go and play games, do crafts, and watch a movie. He was looking forward to it. Two month ago he cried and we were called to pick him up early, last month he made it almost to end and then just hung out with one of the kid councilors until we arrived, then this month he was hooting and hollering about how awesome it was going to be all week. So he goes, we get no phone calls and are loving life after a nice night out to Bennihanna go to pick up C. He seemingly was in a good mood and I helped him put on his sneakers. But when I was tying his shoes I noticed he had a black eye. I asked him if he got "bonked in the head" with a ball or something and he just sort of said he didn't know. It wasn't a major black eye, just red on the cheekbone and darkish gray forming under his eye. So on the way we talked with one of the head volunteers and she told me that C was so great and he is so sweet, and I was like "great, thanks, bye-bye" and she was all, "Well, we had an incident."

The incident: Six other boys were taking the hula hoops and trapping other children in them from behind and then pushing them around. At first it looked like they were just playing but as it turns out kids were getting hurt. On kid pulled C's shirt and spun him in a circle and then pushed him to the ground. C yelled for them to stop and then went to get a person in charge who yelled at the kids to stop, but they just continued to be rough and hurt other kids. Eventually there was an incident report and the police came! Now the police have been stationed outside the community center for weeks - so they are just a few steps away, other wise they probably would be called. Anyway the kids were sent home.

Can you imagine having this girls job? I don't even think she was 18 and she had to tell all the parents these things. How terrible for her. I was thinking this trying not to be upset, but I did manage to ask her if this was how he got the black eye. She frowned and said she hadn't seen that develop but "my instincts would say yes". I thanked her for letting us know and we left. C said he had a lot of fun except when those older boys were there, so at least that is good. But I am a little miffed that the problem wasn't nipped in the bud a little sooner. Also the police issue has me a little concerned.

I have noticed when I go to Zumba that the police are always right up front in the parking lot of the community center. It doesn't actually make me feel safe, it makes me feel like they're there for a reason. They have also been in the parking lot of our grocery stores and other area places. Last night when S went to the store he said the cops were in the store sorting something out. I am just getting a little creeped out, especially at the library.

You can tell the weather is finally turning here. At night, almost for a week now we have had the heat on and quite a few days as well. Anyway, you can also tell because there is a small homeless population hanging out at the library. This week there was the usual suspect, the young guy who always parks his luggage by the computers. One wouldn't even know he is homeless unless they say the trash bag covered boxes on the pull cart. The usual suspect wasn't alone this week. There was a lady sleeping in a back corner with her "luggage" all around her. There was a guy sleeping on a chair who smelled so bad I left the section. It seemed like at the end of every row was a pull cart of belongings. Normally I feel sorry for these people. I always want to help but don't know how. I always give them money if they are outside. Damn Doctoro Phil.

One time on a Dr. Phil show he said that he always gives because he just thinks to himself "what if he doesn't buy cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol, what if he buys a meal and it saves his life tonight?" So I give. When we lived in DC both S and I would keep McDonald's gift cards in our glove boxes to hand out on one highway exit ramp where there was always pan handlers and golden arch just steps away. But I digress, back to the library,

There were no cops at the library, but I was beginning to get creeped out anyway, thinking maybe there should be. So I check out my new series (I have a sick obsession with VC Andrews lately) and head to my car. When I get home I settle in to watch TV and catch up on my DVR shows, one of which is America's Most Wanted.

On the show they show case this guy from DC who is young and looks just like my usual suspect at the library. I was totally scared and double checked all my door locks. I don't think I am going to go to the library at night anymore!


Kim said...

How horrible those kids were so rough. I cant believe cops had to be staked out there now. Geez DC sounds so creepy. I cant believe all those homeless people in the library, Doesn't the library tell them to move on? I dont know how you can live in DC. I would never go out. Men creep me out here, and its suppose to be safe, I couldnt imagine living somewhere w/ a bunch of creeps all around

Jamie said...

You should've called the hotline number, just to be safe! How freaky!!! That's crazy about the kids with C. Poor kid!

I hope life can only get better said...

I am so overprotective I wold never let my boys back there. Poor C, I always thought that part of Verginia was safe, maybe it is too close. I always walk the dog behind my house by the railroad tracks. One day last week there was a car parked down there, when really there is nothing there, just the tracks and the river and old abandoned factory from the industrial revolution(I think my house was "factory housing" at one time in the 1800's) So I turned and walked up the trail as fast as I could and Told hubby. Now I see the car goung down there all the time. You never know, I live in a rural town with only 1500 people, but Molly Bish was taken just down the road, so I am over protective. I have not gone down there since than, alone anyway.