Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kind of Funny

Whenever I don't know what to do with myself I go to Kohl's. It is close to the house, quiet, and large enough to get lost in for an hour. About two weeks ago I ventured over there after dinner one night. I didn't have anything, other than my insane quest for the perfect boots, that I really needed or wanted I just browsed the sale racks and the ladies clothes. On my final lap of the store I saw a sweat shirt that I knew S would like. He wears these old man half zip sweatshirts around the house at night. When they are new they look pretty nice, but they get old and either stretched out or shrinked up really fast. Anyway, they were on sale, so I pick one out for S to give to him on his birthday.

Fast Forward to Last Night:

It was the first cold night and really it wasn't that cold, it isn't like we had the heat on, we just cannot wait to use the fireplace more! Anyway, we opted to have a fire. S tells me he just wanted to change up first. So he comes downstairs and he is wearing an old man sweatshirt - half zip in the same color I had bought him last week. So I start to laugh and before I knew it I was telling him the story. So tonight, before dinner, I went back to Khol's. They still don't have boots by the way. I came close with a Vera Wang black pointy toe number but alas they didn't have size 10, no one does. I return the old man sweatshirt and exchange it for a Dunder Mifflin Paper Company logo tee. Somehow I think S will like that better in the long run. Now, only if I could find the perfect boot!

PS: They were playing Christmas music.


Kim said...

Im so jealous, I just read Jamie's post and she went to Kohls too. I love Kohls and these dumb isolated places dont believe in having a Kohls store. Thats funny he was wearing the same shirt you bought him. Ive been debating on buying boots too. I love those new boots everyone is wearing, only thing I never go anywhere other than to a grocery store so I would never have anywhere to wear them, and if I wore them to the grocery store I would probably look like some desperate house wife.

Jamie said...

Kohl's. I wonder what I ever did before I discovered it when I moved here?! Too funny about the sweatshirt! LOL

I hope life can only get better said...

I love Kohl's, an hour from my house,but worth the drive up the pike to Blackstone(you know what I mean J) And don't worry, I dress up to go to the grocery store! I get so tired of wearing sweats all the time that on Wednesdays when I go to the bank and shopping I dress up. It gives me a mental boost. I also dress up for PTA and school council. (what the other mother's must think!) But being home with two boys and always doing scouts gets old, wear the boots whenever you want!!! We owe it t ourselfs!!