Monday, November 9, 2009

Nope - Not Jesus

Things are crazy here. Nightmares, Dentists, Bills - Oh MY! But I'll stick to what is on my mind currently - which I already emailed to on of my newer BFF's - sorry for the redundancy there - but you know I am still a little ticked. LOL - Only me.

I am not exactly enamored with my boss. G is not only a putts but sort of an ass. He calls me out on every infraction. Even asking if I could write bigger on deposit forms. He is so nit picky that I am seriously considering finding another job. G asked me to check email daily - and it is causing so much stress. Today he emailed me and asked me why I didn't enter a state ID number in our payroll system after I said I did- then he went on to ask if I faxed anything and to who. I emailed back that there was a misunderstanding, I never said I did it and I did in fact email him with details as to why not and no I didn't fax anything because it is a non issue. I have yet to check for a response; but I don't like it. He really is asking for a lot from a girl who works for half pay for 10 hours a week. Plus I swear he is so middle eastern it is sickening sometimes. Last Wednesday he was three hours late for work and explained that he had the children. I said, you're the boss, you are allowed to stay home with the kids with out an explanation and I sort of laughed. He jumped back with "OH no, we have a nanny - I do NOT have to stay with kids" it was crazy. Some men just think they are so manly! To prove my point another middle eastern guy almost killed himself today just to get out of being helped by a women ...

C and I went to the post office today. On the way home I was stopped at a red light and looked to my left. There was this guy standing on the top rung of a ladder, leaning towards a building with a screw driver. The ladder was wobbling and I notice only one on the those levers that go across from the back to the front of the ladder and lock were actually locked into place, the other was only half down and the top step, which he was standing on as mentioned was bent or bowed almost to a 45 degree angle under his weight! I almost screamed out the window, then I noticed that I had room to make a hard left and go into the parking lot and help him. So I did it as fast as I could and jumped out of my car. I yelled up to the idiot "Hello - would you let me help you by holding this ladder?" and he said "NO" then I said "are you sure this looks pretty unsafe, like you are going to fall?" and he yelled "NO _ THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN BUT I NEED NO HELP!" I said "I am sorry you feel that way - BE CAREFUL!" and I got back in my car and left. C was just in awe saying "Mom what were you doing" and I replied "Obviously not being Jesus". I was really angered by this man. I was also very concerned and could do nothing.

And speaking of doing nothing - I wrote about the Herndon honeymoon period being over ... well more proof. Saturday night we were driving down the main street and I saw this man stand in the A formation stance like he was shooting a gun facing a car with the window down. The were all yelling and screaming but I couldn't hear what they were saying. I was going to lean on the horn but just then they all started laughing and the guy backed up - he didn't have a gun. I was so petrified. After all I thought we moved away from the danger of DC. Am I just paranoid now?

I just want out and now, S is re-enlisting for another 4, which will put him at 15. I guess that means we are officially lifers. I am sick over it. I didn't really realize just how much until I left a parking lot today wondering if a man was going to fall to his death or not.


Jamie said...

Holy cow about G!!! Sorry he seems to be such a pain! Maybe you should find another job? That's crazy that the crazy ladder man didn't want help! DUH! Some people are just so stupid, I guess! I'd be terrified too, with the neighborhood thing! Yikes! Congrats to S for reenlisting. I have no idea when ours come up but hopefully Zach will do doesn't make sense to be in this long and not reenlist! We need to talk (via phone) again soon! I miss ya!

Kim said...

Yeah your boss sounds like a royal pain in the butt. How rude of that guy to decline your help.Good for you for being a good samaritan(spelling)tho. You live in a crazy area. What on earth were those guys doing. I would of been freaked out too, Godd thing they were only joking or whatever.