Thursday, December 3, 2009

In Rare Form, or Just Par for the Course?

Today I have done several things in which I am still deciding if they are out of character or not. Apparently if these actions are in character than I am a thief, quite vengeful, and as always my mother the martyr. The story is as follows:

Tuesday I cleaned my room. There was a pile of laundry to fold that made its way to the floor because we were in need of a basket for the actual dirty laundry. Anyway - I headed up there to fold it, change the sheets on the bed, dust, and vacuum. Four hours later I emerged. The laundry, the dusting, the vacuum, and the changing of the sheets took less time that sorting through all the crap my husband seems to pile behind the chair, on top of the dresser, to the left of the dresser, to the right of the fireplace, under the bed, beside the bed and up his ass. Just seeing if your paying attention....

So I clean up after him. I sort all his papers, put away his nick knacks and paddywacks, I repair a few toys sitting in his box under his nightstand and put them back in C's room, put the baseball cards back in the guest room (ohhhhhh that is a whole other ball game in there) and continue to clean up all his crap. The majority of which are clothes. Not surprisingly I found a basket of clothes (been there at least three weeks) under a blanket under some binders, under a bag of miscellaneous shed items (tape, a screw driver, some telephone cords - hello cordless since like 99???) and on top of that there was a few days worth of pajama bottoms. His clothes were everywhere. He takes up more than half the closet and his won't throw anything away. So today, my day to run errands; I returned all the clothes I got him for Christmas. Bye, Bye good GAP pajama pants, bye, bye, comfy t-shirt that matches. Revenge! Hmmmffffff. Ladies and gentlemen my mother, the Martyr.

I also had some other stuff to return, a Leapster to Kmart, bought the Spanish one and it doesn't play English games, to Old Navy because a shirt I bought didn't ring up as the sales price and I didn't notice, and then to Target and here is where the thief like behavior comes in:

On black Friday I bought C five shirts at 3.00 each. The sign said three but they rang up nine, I complained and got for three - yeah me. Then today as I am pulling all of S's Christmas presents out to return I see that one of the shirts I got C is smaller than the rest. So I bring it with my receipt back to Target. But there is a problem. I wasn't charged for it and there is no tag on the shirt. So as the sales girl and I are inspecting the shirt I see that it is a second anyway - the printed tag on the inside is half on the inside and half printed on the outside back. (Weird) There are five things on the receipt at 3.00 and I know one of them must be the shirt. So I say, well maybe the cashier rang up another shirt twice or rang in something else that is three dollars. The clerk was pretty nice and said something to the effect that there are no doubles on the receipt and in order to give a gift card back the shirt needs a price tag. So I just sort of shrug in disbelief and she says "well, we can take it off your hands if you want." and I reply "well, maybe it came from Wal-mart - I want to check all my receipts." and then I leave. When I get to the car I scour the receipt and notice that yes there are five things at three dollars but one is a mistake. When the original cashier fixed the nine dollar price tags to three buck she accidentally changed a pair of jeans to three. I wasn't charged for the shirt and I got a pair of jeans for three bucks. I left the parking lot with the shirt. Thief.

On a good note, I had over 95.00 in returns. I am rich.

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Jamie said...

Holy Batman, send some of that $ my way! I don't blame you, it was their mistake! And you DID try to return it, albeit for money!