Thursday, December 31, 2009

An Open Letter

At what point did my blog turn into a boring account of each day with an occasional fart story thrown in rather than a ranting raving collection of embarrassing stories and passive aggressive letters to those who had wronged me? It seems I have lost my edge. Such is life I suppose. But I do have a new one... to my MOTHER IN LAW.

Last night I was watching mindless TV after the boys went to bed. My mind kept going over my time with the W's. Really - the visit did go okay, but you know - I am going to take major credit in that. The woman is so damn negative that it literally can make me ill. When I think back to some of the things she said I am dumbfounded that I let these words pass without a peep. One thing that keeps bugging me is her insistence that 2009 was a terrible year and she is happy to see it go. How rude. Maybe it is because I hold self acclaimed Jesus Preachers to a higher standard, but seriously - a bad year? Hmm lets think about that:


This year you and dad were able to go on a few vacations. You had a nice trip to one of your favorite old spots Plymouth, MA, you also got to visit the DC area two times in 09 to see your grandson. Both times you were invited into a warm loving home. Both times your family prepared their home with the food you like, the softest sheets on the bed, the best bath and body works trinkets in your room, and plenty of ideas on entertainment for the week. It isn't our fault that you were a complete bitch the first visit and consequently over compensated for that on the second.

In the Spring you were in the hospital for over a week with a sever intestinal issue. You were so fortunate to be able to get to a doctor. Your insurance and Medicare paid for your visit and you were well cared for. A few of your medications were altered as the physicians tried to figure out how to heal you and that did cause some discomfort but the end result was LIFE and with in the next week you got to go home. Praise the Lord!

In late fall Dad went in for a scheduled surgery. He healed so fast and was back to work with in a week! Praise the LORD! A bonus blessing, because you were in the hospital first Medicare covered your high insurance family deductible for the year. If that hadn't of happened Dad's copay for surgery might have been over 2500.00. Praise the LORD.

This year you lost a friend in two ways. The first, you realized after a long struggle that your friend wasn't really a true friend. Sadly you discovered the she wasn't being truthful in many aspects of life and you began to cut ties with her. Shortly after she passed away. Grieving isn't an option yet because you are still bitter over the friendship. The situation is not ideal and it is a little hard to see God's plan as of yet. But Praise the LORD, he will show you the way. In the mean time stop being selfish and pray for your friends soul.

This year you came to a self professed unwritten and unspoken agreement with your mother in law, she finally has stopped the snotty comments and hurtful ideas about you and Dad. Honestly, you are over sensitive, but still I praise the LORD that you do not have to feel that hurt anymore. Mother in Laws know not what they say!

In other news, your son turned 33. He is doing great in the Military, has a successful career and loving family. He even went back to school this year. Your grandson turned 6 and lost all his front teeth, he looks so sweet in all his pictures. He is so excited about life, full of energy, caring, and wicked smart. Your daughter in law, well she is a saint. With in your immediate family there was also a lot going on.

Your mom unfortunately broke her hip this year. She slipped at the hair dressers and was rushed to the hospital. Praise the LORD she didn't fall at home by herself! Gram had such great insurance that the cost didn't cause major stresses and she was able to recover in a high quality rehab center. She recovered well and can still walk and drive at 86! Praise the LORD! Your brother K went in to remission from bone cancer, PRAISE THE LORD! Plus he was able to take care of your mother when you weren't able. He had stepped up as a savior of sorts to the family by declining an offer to move out of state with his company and accepting a layoff instead. He was offered a great severance package and was able to keep his insurance through the year and still see his cancer doctors. Moreover when he told his doctor that he would be loosing his insurance soon the doctor said "You will always be my patient and continue to see me - we'll make it work." PRAISE THE LORD!!! Your other brother continues to work hard and make sure that the family three-decker is cared for and that your mother and possible your other brother always have a rood over their heads. PRAISE the LORD! No one in your family has been put out in the cold, left alone in need of medical care, so broke they cannot buy milk and bread, no one has been left without hope or goodwill. PRAISE the LORD.

This year your section of Massachusetts was hard hit by a tree beetle infestation. The beetle worked its way into the center of the trees and hollowed them out. Thousands of trees in your neighborhood had to be cut down by the city. But Praise the LORD, the trees in your yard were not affected, leaving all the beautiful foliage in the fall and shade in the summer for you to enjoy.

This year you made the decision to pay off your mortgage early. Praise the lord, you are able, and during a recession while you are on disability. The disability that has continued and social security which has continued without much of a fight because you again were well insured and have amazing doctors. You were also able to make some home repairs and improvements in this time. The Lord just kept blessing you in these ways. PRAISE THE LORD!

So far I see a few unpleasantries but certainly more blessings. I see God always being there for you, always watching out for your family, always making a path to the light from the darker shadows. You cannot be that blind! You cannot claim him as your savior and then dishonor him by saying it was the worst year. You cannot claim and accept his grace and then piss and moan poor me. That is what a blog is for - get one - and stop voicing to others how horrible your life has been. You are influencing others to complain and be ungrateful. Stop preaching Jesus' love and live it. Be an example. Let us be the children and you the parent!

Praise the Lord for a wonderful and healing year, Praise the Lord for wonderful family and friends, Praise the Lord for your unborn grandchild and pray for more.

Basically - you can just shut up now.

Lots of Love


Jamie said...

Wow! What an amazing year, huh? It's so sad how some people get so caught up in the woes of life and wallow in self-pity that they fail to see the blessings all around them. I hope L's eyes are opened for her to enjoy the life and family God has blessed her with. Happy New Year J!

I hope life can only get better said...

That is why I love you! I wish L could open her eys and see all the blessings you have outlined. We all need to stop and take stock, because as you said, the lord does provide! So glad you wrote another open later...I have missed them