Sunday, December 13, 2009


Just a few updates:

  1. The nightmares continue. I am calling the doctor tomorrow for an appointment.
  2. The VC Andrews kick is over. I have read them all, some twice. I just finished the most recent one that came out this year. Sick, twisted, incestuous, and predictable; and I loved every one.
  3. C is showing a little improvement in the phonics department. He is getting more sounds right and more sounds together. Today he spelled love; wuv; but last week he spelled it al;kdjfal;skdf; so we are getting better.
  4. I bought a tape dispenser. No, I haven't ever had one at home. I tell ya that 5 bucks was well spent. Wrapping presents for Christmas was never easier.
  5. I miss my Mom, Dad, and Sister - I watched a Paula Dean cooking show today and the host said that her friend asaparagus was the best way to "eat your veggies in an unhealthy way". It made me think of my dad. He'd never eat that - fried or not. LOL
  6. We need a new mattress. Last night I felt a spring in my butt. No - not up it just stabbing in the side! Really must we be so childish? ... Probably ... after all I don't seem to go a week with out blogging on some fart, ass, or crusty issue.
  7. I may have turned my husband to the dark side of life after 11 1/2 years of marriage. He is starting to have an addiction to Diet Coke. Up until recently he wouldn't touch the stuff unless we ordered pizza. Now I find myself hiding my cans in the bottom drawer of the fridge behind the batteries.
  8. Work is weird. I am milking it for what it is worth. G is strange and so is his business. It isn't a bad thing, he is just strange. He is called in two Fridays is a row and told me not to come in.
  9. This Friday I had lunch with a stranger. A man named John in his sixties from Fall River, Massachusetts. With a son named Victor and two other younger children a boy and a girl. His wife was from Thailand and that is where they met during Vietnam. He was so nice and his stories were fascinating. It was a good thing because the restaurant service was horrid and we were there for almost two hours. Long story but I'll keep it short (for once) Since I didn't have to work, I went to a grand opening of a restaurant near by. I got talking to the man in front of me as we waiting for the freebies they were giving out (free wings for a year) we didn't' make the cut off - no wings for me - but decided to stay anyway. In the end the place gave us free wings on our next visit. Stocking stuffer for S I suppose :P)


Kim said...

Still having those nightmares, huh? Are you on any meds that are causing them? Glad to hear C is coming along in his spelling. You must of went to Buffalo wild wings? Well thats what they did when they opened a restaurant in Minot. thats cool you got free wings for your next visit.

Jamie said...

WOW, wonder what's up w/the nightmares. That really stinks! Have you gone through that before? I was wondering how work was going. That's great C is doing better! How cool to have lunch w/a stranger like that :)