Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Quit!

I quit my job. There is a whole background story - but quite frankly I am tired of telling it. Simply stated: G was an ass one too many times and I decided that the job wasn't for me.

In other news; life is good. Christmas shopping is done, most of it is wrapped, and the craft projects are complete. Calenders, Iron-on transfer T's, A scrap book, Self Addressed & Stamped Envelopes (for my hubby - he sends away for a ton of autographs and inserts these, so I thought it would be cute to make him some off the computer), and tons of cookies are all ready to be enjoyed.

L has been on better behavior the past two weeks. I am not holding my breath to much, but there is hope. A despite all my jokes of staying completely lit while they are here, I have been praying on the matter quite a bit. Things are looking up.

I have an appointment tomorrow with the MD about the nightmares. That would be the end of the good news. Last night I had the worst nightmare of my life. I swear I can still smell it, and I have kept the bathroom light on all day. Wait -that doesn't really sound right.... It isn't what you think.

Last night I was sinking in Play Dough and Christopher Walken was trying to kill me. Both of which I have a real life fear of. It isn't fair - my sister is afraid of trolls - at least that is a normal fear. I would assume most people would be afraid when something is scary, and lets face it, trolls can be scary. Play Dough is not. But I hate it. The smell alone can, will, and has induced vomiting to the point of lost meals followed by dry heaves. Christopher Walken is probably my biggest scary phobia. He is my version of the boogie man.

History Lesson : When I was six we lived in a house where I had my own room. One night my parents put me to bed while there were still other kids outside playing. I fell right to sleep, but didn't think I did. I started dreaming, I suffered from terrible nightmares as a child until I was 7 and a half, I would even keep my sister up all night (we shared a room on and off as kids) trying to get her to play house with me after our parents went to bed just so I could stay awake. Anyway, I dreamed that I looked out my window and the kids were all running home and out of the bushes popped the boogie man in a trench coat and a brown fedora. Years later I came to realize this man was Christopher Walken, who much like my dream seems to pop out in unexpected places, in movies, weird videos, talk shows, commercials, and my dreams. Oh the man scares me.

So here I am dreaming of Christoher Walken tying to kill me and as I was running away, he was only walking yet was never more than 10 steps behind me, I get stuck in quicksand which turns out to be purple play dough with sparkles. The smell is causing blindness and extreme heaving and I am screaming. Next thing I know there is a knock at a door but I am in the woods. I just shake my head and I get out of bed to go see who it is. But no one is there. I pet the dog, turn out the night light and head back up to bed. I figured it was the paper guy, I think they come about three or four, anyway just as I pass the bathroom I notice someone is up. I figure it is S so I peak in to tell him I heard a noise downstairs but when I look in it is Christopher Walken! I really thought I was awake. And this ladies and gentleman is how a grown women practically pees her bed. I woke myself up screaming and trying to break free from my blankets. S was snoring away.

I have been screaming so much at night that I have kept a bottle of throat spray next to the bed because it gets so dry and hurts. Cough drops work too but I fall asleep with them in my mouth and I also worry about cavities.


Jamie said...

WOW! That's a crazy dream! So glad you're going to the doctor! I hope they can get those under control. I had a nightmare the other night that my ex boyfriend (who happens to live in this same area, although I haven't run into him) who is gay came and held my family hostage and THEN was sleeping in bed w/me, Zach and Abby. Nightmare for sure! Of course not nearly as freaky as yours.

Wow, I can't believe you quit your job! Good for you though for not putting up w/the crap!

Kim said...

Wow horrific dreams. When I have a nightmare I hate falling right back asleep to just start dreaming it again. So does it feel good to quit now? I bet its a big relief. Hope you find a job more suitable for you.

I hope life can only get better said...

I too find Christopher Walken REALLY creepy! and that dream would be too real for me, I hope the doctor can shead some light on it for you! Maybe now that you have quit that will help, I think G monay was just too much stress for you. Now if it was George Kastanza you were dreaming about.....