Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Bubble In Which I Lilve

So, crazy, crazy snow and endless hours of shoveling and watching the news report. But alas both S and I are hearty New-Englanders at heart so were just enjoying it. The roads aren't that hot but still C and I managed to go shopping for awhile to give S some peace and quiet as he worked on school. The side roads were rough but the main highway wasn't too bad. I figured there wouldn't be school for C tomorrow as none of the city sidewalks have even started to be cleared and the side roads didn't look too "bus friendly". But boy was I surprised when S checked the school website and found out school has been canceled for M, T, and W - and of course there is no school Th or F for the holiday. C is certainly in 7th heaven.

Here I am just now sitting down for the day, after snowball fights, shoveling, shopping, making cookies, talking to friends and family, and goofing around with C. It was a good day. Anyway - I check facebook and find that Brittney Murphy died. Isn't that crazy? She is my age. She was super crazy skinny and died of a heart attack of sorts. That is never a good combo. TMZ mentioned something about her having diabetes, but they can't confirm it. Sounds like speed or diet pills to me, hopefully for her family's sake I hope my amueture Dr G report is false.

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