Monday, December 7, 2009

Are You Kidding ME?

The Monday bus deal happened again. I went to the stop 15 minutes early just to be sure. So I arrived at 1:20 and by 1:50 - no C. I rushed home, called the school in a panic just to learn he is now the last stop at will be there at 2:00. He got there at 2:06. I emailed the school with a large complaint about it. I also noted that I am not happy that C told me some kid pushed him down and he hit his head on a chair. Then he was crying so he had a time out by the door while the other kids were working on their math tests. The whole day was mass chaos for him. This can't be good.


I hope life can only get better said...

Poor C, are these people total jacks! Keep changing the bus time on the kid, punish him because another kid hurt him!!! I would be all over them like snow on Santa's hat! (yah, bad analogy I know) So he missed a math test, I don't know this school needs to get their act tohether. Feel for you J

Jamie said...

OH man, poor C. That's really crappy... And what's the deal with the bus!?! I'd be beyond frustrated!