Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

The Holidays are upon us. And as far as holidays go, this wasn't too bad. The W's behaved themselves, for the most part. L complained a lot, and I just ignored it. Consequently even I thought I was being a bitch when she'd talk and I just wouldn't respond. But my sanity seemed more important.

Christmas was rather fun. C was a blast to watch and he loved his gifts. Funny - his favorites are one that he actaully bought for daddy (Gears of War game) and one from S a four pack of play dough from the dollar store. The hundred dollar Leapster 2 - well, I think he has forgotten about it already. Maybe he'll grow into it. LOL.

Christmas morning C woke up at five-thirty. I was able to convince him to sleep for another thirty minutes, but even six felt like the middle of the night. So him and I got up and checked out the gifts under the tree. I put breakfast in the oven and we turned on Cartoon Network and watched our seven or eighth version of a Christmas Carol, this time it was the Flintstones. We snuggled up on the couch and C talked me into letting him open his stocking before everyone else got up. So he was chewing away on chocolate by fifteen past. When the cartoon was over we read from the bible. It was pretty cool because the sun wasn't up yet and all we had on for light was the Christmas tree. Finally around eight the rest of the family was moving around and we started the festivities. It was a really nice morning.

On the 23rd we went into DC to Ford's Theater to see a play, A Christmas Carol. It was a really neat version. C, Scott, and I had amazing seats and were really excited. All the singing and dancing was wonderful and the acting was brilliant. I wish we could do this every year. Certainly an awesome event.

In other news, the nightmares continue. A few nights ago I had the worst dream I have had in my entire life and it seems to be repeating just in slightly different forms. Christopher Walken and play dough haven't showed up in a while which is nice, but after the last few nights I wouldn't mind him trying to kill me again. Basically the dream is I take a pregnancy test and it is positive and I am so excited and praising God when suddenly the test starts to bleed ink everywhere and I know instantly that the test is broken and that I am not pregnant. It isn't just scary it is heart breaking. Last night I had that dream and woke up crying only to go back to sleep and dream that my old IVF doctor called to tell me I was idiot and will never ever in a million years have any more children. Then she laughs and sort of hiccups as she hangs up the phone. It is just so emotional and crazy. One day I couldn't get it out of my mind at all and S just pretty much guessed exactly why I was so upset. He knows I've been having crazy C. Walken dreams but somehow he knew exactly what was bothering me. Good Husband.


Jamie said...

How crappy about the nightmare. That is just awful! I wish they'd just stay away already! Glad the W's were pretty well, sounds like a wonderful Christmas, especially the quiet, peaceful beginning with C.

I hope life can only get better said...

Loved the morning you had with C, how awesome! Glad the W's were not as bad as we thought. I know what you mean about the guilt from ignorning people, I get that every time I block out the same story my mom has told twenty times. Those dreams......when do you go back to the doctor? All my luv, you are being so strong!