Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Snow

It snowed today. I love it, love it, love it. We had so much fun playing outside and getting soaking wet, just to come inside get warm, change clothes and do it all over again.

We had snow ball fights, built a snow man, and chased the dog around a hundred laps just to try and get her to come back inside. The dog LOVES the snow more than we do! It was so cute and just plain fun.

Later on in the afternoon it was still snowing, C was off in our room watching TV, the dog was completely exhausted curled up in the living room and S and I were just chatting when I mentioned it would be a great night for a movie. With in a half hour we had the car brushed off and were on our way to see a Christmas Carol. We went to this really old junkie theater that only sat about 60 people! Junkie but really kind of cute and quaint considering the weather. It was the only one in town that was showing the movie normal and not in 3D. Anyway - it is S and mine's favorite Christmas story and it was so cool to see a new version of it. One funny thing; C and I had to take our shoes off when we got there. Our sneakers and socks were completely water logged because we both stepped in a huge slushy mess outside the parking garage - It felt so weird to be barefoot. C even ended up taking his socks off. At the end of the show each of us had a hard time getting our shoes back on because they were so wet.

After the movie it had stopped snowing so we headed out for a bite to eat. Which brings us here - hanging out in the den as a family, and all with new clean dry socks and slippers. C really should be in bed, but none of us really want the day to end. I love family days. It has honestly been so long since we had a day that wasn't planned or filled with obligation that I almost missed the opportunity by filling it with errands and small jobs around the house. Thank God for the snow - it slowed us down and helped us enjoy life.


I hope life can only get better said...

Loveit! Those are the best kind of days. I tried to do that today, but this AM D was all hyed up and we went out to breakfast only to spend it yelling at him to sit down...oh weel. Cutting down the tree was fun and it started to snow...hope all those nightmares go away. Dream about snowmen and chcolate tonight

Kim said...

How Great!! We got snow too. Unfortunately we didnt play in our snow we go today, Instead we shoveled, What fun is that? What a good way to finish up your day w/ a family movie and dinner.

Jamie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! We're getting snow here in IA tonight. The kids are thrilled! Your day sounded just perfect...I love those kind of days where you don't plan but just have great family fun!