Friday, December 18, 2009

I Heart Fridays

You know; I have had quite a few nice Fridays in a row. Today for example, I made my mechanic very happy, was able to do a lot of chores, watch TV, eat cookies, talk to my sister, make an awesome dinner, wrap the last two presents, walk to the dog, talk to my mother, and read - plus it is only three. Life is good.

So the mechanic; he called today to explain that he ordered the part for my car wrong and he was really sorry but the car won't be ready this afternoon unless he is able to have to right one delivered right away. He sounded so upset and worried that he wouldn't have my car ready. So I explained that I am a stay at home mom and can stand to be without a car for a few days and that I wasn't in the least put out by it. Then I told him to enjoy the weekend and get home before the snow hits. He sounded so relieved and kept telling me thank you and have a great weekend and have a good snowball fight. The car breaking down stunk, but only for a few hours, the estimate isn't too bad, I have the money in savings - Christmas is paid for - so really it is just inconvenient and nothing more.

Something funny for today: My dog looked so funny this morning, again spooning the big stuffed panda bear. She loves this darn thing and sneaks it out of C's room any chance she gets. It is a riot. When she starts humping it - I am sending it to the Good Will.


Kim said...

BUmmer about your car ,but Im sure he was happy to hear you being so easy to deal w/. I saw the northeast is gonna get hit by a big snow storm. Have fun playing in the snow. Hope it sticks around so you guys can have a white Christmas.

Jamie said...

That's nice of you to be so kind to the mechanic! I'm sure he really appreciated it! It looks like maybe you'll be snowed in for awhile? Zach's horrible coworker is supposed to fly to VA tomorrow, wonder if she'll make it!