Monday, December 21, 2009

The Door Mat

I swear I am such a baby sometimes. I offered to babysit all night two kids. Sort of, more like I was told a friend was cashing in a favor. Anyway - I've got two extra munchkins tonight. Some parts might be fun. I worry about them with the dog though. It is a handful. Anyway - they are coming at four and I have so much to do. Then I just got a call from their dad (second time today) asking if they could come earlier because they want to go out to dinner early. And sure I don't really mind - I do love these kids, but actaully it isn't convenient and I am only allowing this IOU to happen because C has no school. But after this we are even. I will not feel guilty about past babysitting. They have two kids, it isn't the same when the watch C. I feel slighted, like it isn't acknowledged that their children might be a little more to handle.

Funny huh - I have so much to do but have been on the phone for hours and now and blogging about my misfortune timing. I better get to work. I want to mop the floors and steam clean the steps.


Kim said...

Well hope all the kids are good for you and it doesnt seem like too much "work"

I hope life can only get better said...

We were in the phone a long time. LOL :)
Sorry about that.......hope you got all the cleaning done and that the kids were not too much.

Jamie said...

I've been wanting to call you and just haven't had a chance to yet! Hope it manages to work out! I know what you mean about not seeming right, 1 child compared to 2. Try matching 4!?! We'd be taking C all the time if you watched our 4 even once! LOL