Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pushing My Luck

I just wanted to blog quick.

Amazingly the kids are being so good. Last night was a piece of cake. I had the little guy in bed by 7:30 and the big kids in bed and fast asleep by 8:30. I felt pretty accomplished. After all A doesn't go to bed until 9:30. But I swear she was begging to begin the sleepover at 7:00. I'd rather have kids to bed early and rise early than the other way around. But really the kids were up around sixish and just watched cartoons. I heard C tell A that they could wake me up at 7:00. Isn't that cute? They were so sweet.

Yesterday I got most of the cleaning done. Really I relented that most of it was unimportant and just did a few extras like the stairs and walls in the stairwell. The rest of it I just did as normal. Something funny; I almost wrecked my living room shelves, desk, and side table. I was dusting and thinking that it smelled so good. I thought I was using this pledge stuff that I like but in the end I realized it was Fabreze Spray. I don't buy air fresheners normally, but I have a stock of six that were under the sink when we moved in. Anyway I went back over the furniture and the spray had already started to soften the stain on the wood pieces! But alas, most of it came from somebody's trash anyway - still it is my treasure.

Once I was done cleaning I had time to read Malachi, which I probably haven't read straight through in years. I used an old bible and found a plethora of Joy of Living bible study pages in it. I used to belong to that group in Minot! What fun I had re-reading them. One one there was a prayer request for JM as her and her family tried to buy their first house, there was another for our leader's daughter to slow down in the boyfriend department, and another for S to be safe overseas. All of which were answered. It was really cool. As I ended the reading and all just as I zipped up the old blue case my friends arrived with their kids. Perfect timing. .

So much for quick.

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Jamie said...

Those Bible Studies were awesome, weren't they? Wish we could go back to those days! Wow, it's like aeons ago! I got my cleaning done today. I love the book of Malachi! Hope your visit with the W's goes well! Merry Christmas!