Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm NOT Laughing!

Tonight during dinner C says "I have to go potty" and I reply "Well, what else is new - just go." Then S gets all indignant and starts fussing at C telling him he has to use the downstairs bathroom. C is just looking at him and asking why and S is getting more and more defensive and aggravated. As C leaves the room I ask S what the deal is and he just says "Don't worry about it." I figured that he left the door open to the guest room where the Christmas gifts are hiding. But I was soooo wrong. C returns from the bathroom and says "ha, ha Daddy I went upstairs." S starts yelling that C should do what we tell him and so on and so forth. Both C and I are just stunned and keep asking what is the big deal. Whatever; we finished dinner. I was all ticked off anyway because S just sat at the table going through paperwork while I was scrambling to get dinner served. No help - NADA. I get his drink, C get's the silver wear, and I serve him dinner. ERRRRR.

So anyway - dinner ends and the mystery of the off limits upstairs when S asks "Uhhh hunny, where do we keep the plunger?"

Normally I could just laugh this off but I swear I could be a fortune teller sometimes. I bought new toilet paper this week. It is the good kind and it is thicker than the Costco brand we normally get. So I tell my husband early in the week to be careful and do not use gross amounts of it or we'll have a problem. What do you know we had a problem. The man uses half a roll every time he goes. He refuses to go Cheryl Crow on me - but geez he could at least cut back! BTW we didn't have a plunger. I went to Walmart and bought one after dinner.

"Good Evening Walmart; I am a wife of a toilet paper abuser and I need a plunger please, oh yeah and this milk and peanut butter"


I hope life can only get better said...

I have a son who has a roll a day habit! I feel your pain, it usually goes....."Mom, the toliet won't flush" Maybe they should move in together!

Jamie said...

OMGOODNESS!!!! I couldn't even finish reading this post because I was cracking up so hard and had tears streaming down my face! Zach kept asking, "What, what?" and was laughing because I was busting a gut so hard. It is so not funny but oh boy is it funny! And gross! boy oh boy you better either stock up on plungers or not get that toilet paper again!

Kim said...

Oh how funny. Sounds like Jarrett in our house.