Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Outlander

I joined a new book club. The first book I need to read is called the Outlander. I am 100 + pages in and already have three problems with this page turner. One, they just told me the year and the main characters name - weird. Two, I do not know where it takes place, Midwest either north near Montana, Dakotas, or Southern province of Canada maybe Manitoba or Alberta. The third is a biggie, in the first 50-75 pages ish, the author mentions that the "widow", the main character cannot really read. That in fact she marked her bible with symbols and characters to help her remember scripture. The author drives that point home when a kind Samaritan takes the women in and notices these symbols and remarks how well the widow recites. Then fast forward to page 100-120 ish and the widow is found by an outlaw in the woods who takes her in and while he is out she rummages through his stuff and reads his journals with out a problem??? Did I miss something?

This book is wicked good, but gosh this sort of stuff bugs me. Sort of like when a movie and a book don't match up on a just a small detail. Like in that movie with the girl who jumps backwards wishing she wasn't pregnant and then names her daughter Americus or something like that. In the book she was frighted on the number 5 and in the movie it was the number 7 - dumb details. In My Girl the main character gets her period and tells he little boy friend to come back in five to seven days and in the movie she just yells at him to go away. In Twilight Bella's room is yellow and just the way it was when her mom was there and in the movie it is blue and her dad buy new bedding for her arrival. Small details annoy me. I remember the stupidest things. Cant' remember the name or book of the first one, can't remember the characters in My Girl, and only remember Twilight because it is recent. How bizarre.

So, back to the book club. I have been trying to start my own however with the holiday season happening around us - the interest is on hold. I have been in contact with a few ladies in the area one is a ministers wife and two of her friends and the other is a women living just a few miles away. I advertised it as a Christian Book Club. Although now I am wondering what the heck we will read. There is a recommended series out there that is pretty new about a Christian Woman's club that I might try out but there is also a lot of boring crap out there. I might nix the project. I do not know any of these women personally and it might be for the best. I will have to keep mulling that one over. Anyway - the book club I joined is through a neighboring town's library and the books are free. A girl about my age from S's work invited me. She even got the next book for me when I wasn't there. Pretty nice.

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I hope life can only get better said...

I would love to join a book club. The problem is I would not want to do it with strangers. I love to read, I just read an awesome book "Say When" by Elizabeth Berg, and before that "Talking to the Dead", both awesome books about women our age who hit tough spots in their lives and marriages, with disaterous outcomes that lead to revelations that heal. Obviously, thay have helped me!! Before that I re-read Wheathering Heights for the 3rd time, mostly because of my Twilight obsession and it was quated ofthen in Eclipse, but I know what you mean about movies and books, that stuff drives me crazy also. I am rambling, sorry ......