Monday, December 21, 2009

The In Laws

They get here tomorrow.

I hate when the house is messy or disorganized when company is here. Especially my mother in law. It isn't that the house has stuff in piles or dishes in the sink - I just have Monica closets. Especially the hall closet where the towels are. Also the guest room is atrocious with baseball cards everywhere. S is going to move them to our room tonight - oh joy. The boxes of cards are crazy and overflowing. But that I can relax about, after all S has to do it. If I dare touch his cards the earth might open up and swallow me. Granted if he actaully did house work the earth might actaully break open causing hell to freeze over.

I can say this because I suspect it might be true. My husband, although dearly loved and an overall good guy happens to be a stinker. Last night he remembered around 11:00 that he had to iron clothes for today. He comes into the computer room where I am wrapping up my eBay sales and asks where is the ironing board? And I let him know we don't have one and haven't had one since we moved. He freaks and starts ironing on the table, with nothing in between his shirt and the table! When I walk by I ask him what he is doing and he is so angry and annoyed saying "well what am I suppose to do?" My friends he was pissed off. Which really started to make me mad. It is NOT my job to iron his clothes. I do it out of the kindness of my heart. He could have worn something else -although he claims that every thing needs ironing. I hadn't seen him all day and now he finally has five minutes and he is whining about ironing and that his shirt won't loose the wrinkles. The steam was beginning to escape from my ears. If you ask him if it is my job or if he expects me to do any type of house work he'd say "no." But that certainly isn't how he acts when things get a little inconvenient. In the end I handed him a spray can of starch and he put a beach towel between his shirt and our table. But he huffed and he puffed and practically blew the house down in the mean time.

Oh well - such is life. And now I must clean the house for the company and try to keep C happy all day - I fear it will be a long one.


Kim said...

Dont just love it how the men depend on us for everything. Sometimes I swear I have to think for Jess. If it wasnt for me he would never find half the stuff he loses

Jamie said...

I'm dreading Z's 2 WEEKS off.