Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Call Janet, Ms Jackson if You're Nasty

Yes, I had a wardrobe malfunction. I didn't expose the girls to anyone... today, anyway. I did however spend the greater part of the morning with my fly down. Also, I took C to the bus stop this morning and slipped on a pair of socks and sneaks. When I got ready for work I kicked off the sneakers and put on a pair of heels (really cute Jessica Simpson's) but, I left my black socks on. I noticed during lunch as I was balancing my shoe on the end of my toe while waiting for my boss to actually swallow his food. Note to self, don't go to Moby Dick with G Money. (On the way in he told me he took his mother in law there and she vomited soon after eating, Great APPETIZER there!)


Jamie said...

LOL this guy sounds like a real hoot! Well, let's hope you at least had on some pretty panties;)

Kim said...

LOL, hope no one noticed