Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Morning

It is party day. At this point I am looking forward to it. In the end we had 12 RSVPs, so 13 kids including C. They'll be here between One and One-thirty and then we are partying hard until three. Why between one and one-thirty?? Hmm, well that is a strange one. I got this email from a parent I don't know saying she'll drop her kids early. She didn't really ask or say why. And apparently she isn't staying? I suppose Herndon is a whole new ball game. People actually let their kids out of their sight for a few minutes? Oh well, really I don't mind. The boys coming early are some of C's best friends.

Another parent called and said her daughter has health problems but she "isn't one of those parents who keeps their kids locked up at home because they are allergic to everything under the sun." The girl is allergic to peanuts, pets, milk, eggs, and a whole list of other things. Then the mom says, "so I'll drop her off and pick her up at 3:30ish". I thinking "whoa, wait a sec 3:30ish? what does that mean?" What if this girl has an allergic reaction to something? It was strange. Are these parents just walking all over me, or is this just the way it is here?

The party plan.

1:30 - 1:45 kids arrive and color pirate pictures
1:45-2:05 Walk the plank game
2:05-2:20 Pirate toss game
2:20-2:40 pirate, pirate, captain aka - duck duck goose
2:40-3:00 CAKE
3:00-3:15 play with pirate toys
3:15-3:30 Reading the book Pirate Pete

So, well see how the actual schedule goes. I am hoping to play a few games outside, but the weather doesn't look too promising. Sadly I have to mow the back yard. But other than that I just need to pick up our mess from yesterday and bring in the extra chairs from the shed. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.


I hope life can only get better said...

Really, I never let them out of my sight, well in now that C is almost 10 I have backed off a little on him. But D, he still wants me to stay. Maybe Hendron is a differant animal all together. I do get suspicous of parents though, lol. And I do tend to be overprotective, C is allergic to peanuts, treenuts and shelfish. Now he is so reponsible he tells people all about allergies and reads ingredeant lables and carries his epi pen. But at that age I would never let him go to someones house I did not know and leave him with food. But I am overprotective anyway. I can not wait o hear how the party goes. Peace be with you!!!

Jamie said...

Hope you have a wonderful party C!!! Happy birthday (late) buddy! You sure are growing up quickly...I 'remember' you being a baby:)

That's crazy that they just drop them off somewhere where they don't know the people! I would never. I've done it with my older children if I know the people they're going to (which in my case I always do)...but I'd never otherwise...

Kim said...

Sounds like a fun party. Hope you'll be able to have some relaxing time afterward, You'll need it after 13 kids.