Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh Christmas

I might be the dumbest dumbass on the freaking dumb planet. Go ahead, say it - Jamie you are are dumbass. Although I said it and I don't really think it is funny. I am a dumbass. Is dumbass one word? Is it even a real word? Regardless, if it is a word, my name defines it.

S and I had this plan for the holidays this year. We would stay home. I planned an awesome gift / family day at Ford's Theater the week of Christmas to see our favorite play a Christmas Carol. We are so looking forward to it. I was also thinking maybe after Christmas we would go away for a few days, maybe to North Carolina or even Florida. But I didn't make those plans yet. To my utter dismay, I made alternative plans:

We all know my relationship with my in-laws is strained. That really might be an understatement. And no matter how much prayer goes into it I feel no peace over the issues - but I can't leave it alone. There has to be some sort of amicable medium. Did I blog about this already? Anyway I talked to L. Twice now since they left in AUGUST! We use to talk once a week. She called me a month ago. I was completely stunned and at the end a little miffed because she acted as though there were no problems or apologies needed. In order to keep a fake front of peace I just went along with it. Two weeks passed and I figured it was my turn to call. So I did. And somehow; only God knows how; I uttered these oh so magical words "Well why don't you guys come down here for Christmas, you're always welcome."

Go on - start screaming my chant "DUMBASS! DUMBASS!"

They are coming on the 22nd of December. So I take a deep breath and tell myself - good, no problem, we'll make it work. So today I have S call his parents and ask them if they'd like to join us for A Christmas Carol on the 23rd. I thought we'd buy the tickets and maybe see about renting a limo and make a big deal out of it - that would be a great gift right? Well, NO, they are not interested. They are concerned about the weather and how L will be feeling. And now it is apparent that they are worried about being alone with our dog. What ever - I'll send her to Pet Smart for the night. Already - I cannot make them happy.



Kim said...

Uh oh, not sure I would call you that,but I think you just might of stuck your foot in your mouth. The Christmas Carol would be so fun to go see.

I hope life can only get better said...

Jamie, I feel for you! I want to go to the christmas Carol, and Ford's Theater. I would have done the same thing though, I always think that if I am the bigger person and keep being nice, than others will change. does not happen that way!!! I send cards and notes and try and be sweet, and send pictures and make big dinners, but still my mother in law does not like me. There is no winning

Jamie said...

That was great of you to go out of your way to invite them down for CHRISTMAS with you! You didn't have to do that and you stepped out and did, regardless of things always seem to go when they're there. And then to invite them to such a super cool special thing like The Christmas Carol? Awesome! But then for them to be so ungrateful about it all....ohhhh man. Well, like the person above said (who is that anyway? lol) you are the bigger person! Go you! And I really hope they can put any differences aside and keep their comments to themselves and just enjoy their time with you!