Monday, October 12, 2009

Quite the History

What a weekend. Good, bad, and great all rolled into one. I could make the story the so long and full of details but we'd be here until next weekend, so here are the memorable highlights:

  1. I RSVP'd to a party in NJ a long time ago, I wasn't really looking forward to it. C and I in the car for four hours just to go to a BBQ and then turn around and go home, all while I was still sick

  2. At the last minute S decided to go with us, he had other reasons; he made a deal with this guy in Red Bank, NJ to buy roughly 5000 baseball cards. The cards needed to be sorted, so S stayed up all night organizing. He never came to bed.

  3. We left really early for NJ so we could meet the guy - only to have him cancel three hours into our trip. So S was really disappointed and we were in the area way earlier than we needed to be.

  4. My parents were in the area so we called them and met up at Sandy Hook, Fort Hancock. An old base where my dad lived for a few years as a kid. It was awesome. He lived in a darn mansion and the place was so cool. Definitely made the trip worth it. We toured a mortar compound, went in to a museum house that looked like the one my dad lived in and took a little driving tour of all the places my parents use to go and where they got married. It was really a great experience. My father was asked by one of the tour guides to interview for their website and he was really excited about it. I can't wait to see it. For now you can check out the website at: it is so cool.

  5. The BBQ was short and sweet. We were an hour and a half late but that was a good thing. We ate we visited and then we claimed a big ride back and left. Perfection.

So that was the trip. In other news I set up an Ebay store. Which is doing great. Anyone interest can check it out at I am still working on the graphics. But hey - I got nothing but time :P)


Kim said...

What a great weekend you had. That would of been so cool to see where your dad lived and all the places they went to. What a bummer that guy canceled on S. Ill have to go check out your ebay store. Hope you make lots.

Jamie said...

Wow, its so neat that you got to see it! Looks pretty cool!