Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh Crap

Apparently Bolling Air Force Base is full of moronic self indulgent ass holes. I knew I didn't like that place when I lived there. I am so annoyed. They scheduled trick-or-treating for today, FRIDAY, instead of Halloween, which is tomorrow. I am upset because I didn't know and because we had so many plans for that day which will now be impossible. I am so flustered. Friday traffic is sooooo bad and I have to be near DC anyway for a dentist appointment today, so I am considering visiting with friends and just staying there until candy time. That would mean we miss out on Costume Bingo at C's school which is tonight. It also means we will be home tomorrow and have to buy candy, if we choose too. Either that or C could trick-or-treat twice, I am sure to him that is the best plan. I am just so disappointed. If we stay here and go to the school that means we cannot eat dinner and hang out with our dear friends back in DC tomorrow because C will be trick-or-treating in a NORMAL city. I was so looking forward to it.

Also - in other news: Scott is on my list. He can be so darn self righteous sometimes. I don't get it. Even after I slept on it I am still thinking about our exchange of words last night. Basically it comes down to what a few of my friends have told me, sometimes, most of the time, your husband doesn't want you to have anything but happy thoughts and butterflies flying around in your head.

I don't have butterflies, currently I have a calender and all I can see is that it is filling up everyday. I am too busy and the house seems to be falling apart. I had to rearrange my schedule this week because C needs to go to the Dentist. Even though G said I could now make my own hours, as soon as I try to do that he fussed. I feel terrible about it. Now the whole trick-or-treat deal is in the way and things just aren't what I've planned.

How silly is it? I mean Tuesday I was fine. Monday I was great. Well, better go, I have to get C ready for school, which means I need to pry him away from Sponge Bob.

And one more thing - MY MICROWAVE BROKE! And it is only like three or four months old! I think it shorted out - faulty wiring in the kitchen. How annoying.

One good note, my friend, K, is due soon with their little boy. This weekend I am going to go shopping for a gift for them. It might end up being a gift card to where ever they are registered - it they are but either way I am going to have fun picking it out. I am so excited for them.

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I hope life can only get better said...

I also have no butterflies! My head if filled with bats! Big, scary bats with fangs!! As you know my hubby is of the camp that all we should think is sunshine and rainbows. And he does not want to hear otherwise But the lack of a job, and a pay check and nagging kids, really is not producing butterflies. So I pretend, and sometimes, like last night,the bats fly out of the belfry, so to speak. I was in a fowl mood! Thankfully, he did not push it. I have been trying to think positive through this for a month, one night of self pity can do no harm!

Being that Halloween is on a Saturday, that is the perfect trick or treat day! The Air force also has bats in their belfry, as you can see! (alot more than me!) I really hope you get to dinner with your friends, I know the feeling of too many thngs to do and not enough time. Hope I made you smile....