Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dicounted Sole Searching

My Ebay store is on fire! I started spending more time on it and am really happy with the results. I have a this little shopping / listing schedule that I've been working on, that is really keeping me on track. There are two thrift stores in the area that offer 25% off discount days. So normally on Mondays and Tuesdays I list the loot from the prior week. On Wednesdays and Thursdays I shop. I Fridays I organize and list old stuff of Craigslit, or a few items I know are really good. Last week I sold the curtains I bought for 4.99 plus 25% off for 33.00 and a faucet I've had for four years in a box for 20.00. This week I have packaged up jeans and shoes everyday. It is going so well that S said he is going to buy me more shelving for our computer room. The jeans are taking over!

I think I might have to open my own little account for this though, which is kind of strange. S and I have never had our own accounts. I suppose both are names could go on it. Still, it is an odd idea for me. But the money is coming and going so fast, I don't want to mess up our checking account.

With all that being said, I have a quick letter to the lady who bought the boy's jeans two weeks ago,

Dear Valued Customer,

Stop complaining. You offered me two dollars less on a great pair of kids jeans and I accepted you offer with open arms (or an open hand anyway). Upon accepting your offer I explained that you can take your time paying over the next week because we were in the middle of an unprecedented blizzard. You paid your bill by check. Ten days later the check cleared on a day we were hit with even more snow. I promptly emailed you to let you know that your check cleared and your item would have to be mailed on Monday. It was Friday. I provided a tracking number through USPS and they too emailed you with back up tracking information. The shipping was priority and the delivery was made that Wednesday.

You paid with a CHECK. A CHECK. That unfortunately delayed your order more than my snow. A CHECK. Seriously A CHECK.

Besides, you all ready gave me a positive feedback, so what do you want me to do? You have the item, the item you paid for BY CHECK! I don't even have a check book these days. Seriously you paid by check.

Thanks for your business
Discounted Sole Searching

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Kim said...

WOw sounds like your ebay store is doing awesome. I have beef w/ paypal right now. Just a few months ago was the first time I bought anything since we moved here. I had to reset my account or something and It charged me $1.00 just to set my debit card up for withdrawal. Now yesterday I bought something again and it charged me another $1 because Jess did something to our computer where it deleted all our saved information like passwords and stuff thus causing me to redo my paypal again. its annoying they charged me again. Its just a $1.00 but what the heck are they gonna charge me every time that happens