Tuesday, February 2, 2010

If Only

If I worked harder my store would do really well. I am making about a hundred dollars a week with pretty minimal efforts. I did take three weeks off though for VK, so reactivating and getting my inventory back up has been more effort that normal. As long as I carry 20-30 items in my store I sell about one a day. If I put more effort into it, I think I could do better. May I have a side of ambition please?

This week I sold two pairs of jeans for more than double of what I paid. One pair of Lucky's and one LL Bean. Although I think the Lucky Brand will stop being a big money maker soon because they are starting to pop up in more stores. I saw them at Steinmart yesterday for 88.00 regular and 44.00 on sale. Once jeans get to be about 40 bucks I sell the used ones for under ten.

I am thinking of looking into more vintage fabrics and items for auctions. I am not as familiar with them as I could be, but I have seen a few things that I know would sell well. If only I had the ambition to do the research. Furniture does well too - on Craiglist too - which is always on sale at the thrift stores.

In other news: Valentines day is around the corner. S and I normally just go out to dinner and movie in and around the day. Sometimes we give each other something small like a CD we've been wanting or candy. This year I am thinking of giving him something better. The Xm radio subscription ran out on his SUV so I think I might reactivate it. I actaully have enough money in my store account to cover a medium grade package for a year. He'd be really happy to have sports radio again. I don't know .... there is always edible underwear too.


I hope life can only get better said...

As much as I love edible underware (LOL!!) I think he would be gaga over the radio, If you have enough go for it!!! We have not done anything for Valentines day in about 5 years, never have the money, I would just like to have time alone with T!!!

Kim said...

lol edible underwear. Thats funny! You do really well w/ your store. I wish I could make extra money off ebay.

Jamie said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Edible undies! LOVE it!!! WTG on the ebay store...I wouldn't even know where to start on something like that!