Friday, February 26, 2010


It is freaking cold today. By far the chilliest we've felt this year. The wind is super cold and strong. The good news, this morning I woke up to the sound of birds! Singing, chirping, and most likely pooping all over the side of the house.

It put me in the best mood to wake up too. Now if only something could drop out of the sky to help me with the following:

1. Our Dog, she is crazy.
2. C's school. He isn't progressing - at all.
3. This whole nightmare issue.

Okay - so good mood = tainted. But I have a clear mind so here is the plan.

1. I need to call a dog trainer
2. We are getting C tested I just need to practice more patients
3. I am in therapy - it isn't an over night cure


Kim said...

Dont mean to brag but it is 50 here today and I just came in from washing my car, can you believe that. I love hearing birds chirp in the morning. Good sign spring is around the corner

I hope life can only get better said...

Keep your chin up! Keep pushing that school until you are on a first name basis with them and what is up with the dog?

Jamie said...

I am so behind on reading your blog!!!! Finally catching up. C still hasn't been tested? Did his school ever say when that will happen? Yeah, its a step in the right direction with the'll get there. I totally had to laugh about your OTH dream! I wish we had some spring-like weather...this winter has been torture here in corn-land.