Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Open Letter to Claire's

To Claire's Boutique store #066633
Dulles Town Center Mall
Sterling, VA

Dear Customer Service,

On the fourth of February I purchased a necklace in your store (store 06633 register 001 transaction 47179 at 12:26 PM). Upon completing the transaction I asked the cashier, Christina, what the return policy was. She barely looked up from the register and said "sixty days with the receipt." The sale was made and I left the store.

Over the next several days our area was hit with massive amounts of snow. I was unable to attend the event in which I bought the necklace. Upon contemplation to return the item I tried it on and realized it wasn't a necklace but a choker, something I didn't like, want, or need. Once the snow cleared I returned to the store to return the item.

The choker is made of Rhinestones. I was told upon trying to return it that rhinestones can't be returned. Sure enough when I turned over the receipt it did say that these type of items cannot be returned. Please understand you get the receipt AFTER YOU PURCHASE THE PIECE OF SHIT.

So there you have it. I am the owner of a 19.43 choker that I don't like. It cost more than my dress for the event I didn't even get to attend. Your policy sucks, your employees are careless and sort of bitchy, and I don't appreciate your small, hot, smelly store. I will never be returning. Furthermore when a customer asks why she cannot return the item it isn't okay for the employee to say "because people wear these to events and then try to return them, you could have worn this." No bitch, I didn't, and please do not put me in the category with criminals.

Thanks for thinking the absolute worst of your customers. Due to this crap, you have have one less.

Jamie W.

I just sent this to their customer service @ customerservice@claires.com. With all my contact information. I feel vindicated.


I hope life can only get better said...

you go girl!

Kim said...

Oh my, That is totally ridiculous. Sell it on ebay...lol