Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Real Bueaty

We are snowed in, again and it is simply breath taking outside. There is fluffy white stuff as far as I can see. There is like an inch and a half on top of every branch and twig on every tree. The siding of the house has caked on snow on every piece. The streets, sidewalks, cars and even out mailbox all have six to eight inches blanketed on them. It is by far the prettiest snow I have seen in ages.

The snow started to fall yesterday after I picked C up from school. BTW the school is on my shit list for that one. Tangent : The school requires a note if your child is going home a different way then normal. C takes the bus. Yesterday he got confused and told his teacher I was picking him up so she let him go in the ride line instead of the bus line and he missed his bus. I was at the bus stop and the kids accross the street got off and were all upset. One little girl V was yelling to me "I don't know where he is he wasn't on the bus I asked them to wait. Where is he, is he okay?" This kid was freaked out. (gosh I wish she was old enough to babysit) I really just wanted to give her a big hug and calm her down. LOL. So I jogged back home and called the school to find out the scoop then went to pick him up. He was sitting in the office on the verge of tears in his big puffy orange ski jacket. His bottom lip was sticking out just far enough that his chin was quivering. This from the child that has been begging me to homeschool. This from the child who really thought I was going to pick him up at "kiss and ride". He looked so broken sitting there trying not to cry. When he saw me he perked up a little and I got a big hug. I totally ignored the office workers and got down on one knee, returned the hug and asked him what happened. He told me he thought I was picking him up and explained that on Friday I will so we can go straight to the airport to pick up daddy. Then he starts crying and says "I thought we were picking him up today". Ouch. So I put on my best smile and tell him again that he can go in the kiss and ride line on Friday. Then for the office benefit I say "Besides Mommy has to send in a note for you to be in the ride line." I got a wicked dirty look from one lady. I gave it right back, took C's hand and said "come one lets go have a good day"

So home we go and it starts to snow. He had gymnastics and we made it to that, but then the snow started to stick and the roads we slick so I didn't make it to Zumba after all that fret over it. Figures. But that is okay, I did a biggest looser video and then watched the actual show while I ate popcorn. Hee, hee. Every time I looked outside the snow was prettier and prettier. The moon was quite large so everything was glowing. It was really neat.

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Jamie said...

Wow, so now he's actually begging to be homeschooled after wanting to go to school last year? Decisions, decisions! Poor guy was confused and wanting his 'kiss', mom and dad! Glad you got some pretty snow...I'm so over snow by now! It's not as bad as ND but still...