Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Night Club?

Okay - last night's dream was way weird. On a good note it wasn't as scary / dreadful as usual. I seemed to collate a few TV shows that I've watched regularly into the mix. Fist, I was Haley from One Tree Hill (OTH). I was with Lucus Scott (last years hottie - who isn't on the show anymore ... sigh) and my son was Jamie Scott from the show - although I knew it was C inside. But Lucas starts off as My husband, S and at first Jamie, who was C wasn't there. S and I are headed to a birthday party.

We reach the party and order pizza. A girl keeps telling us how fun the club is and telling us we can SKYPE across the floor. Skype is an internet phone, but in my dream it is taking a floor that is so slick even a rubber soled shoe won't get traction. It sort of looks like fun but there are people everywhere, including some people making out on couches. Yuck. We try it a little around this Rachel Ray kitchen Island and it is sort of fun. Our pizza comes, the wrong one, but we eat a few bites anyway. The music is blaring, people are really going at it on the couches, and I know C is going to be there soon so I suggest we go out side.

This is where S turns into Lucus Scott. C is there, although he is now Jamie Scott and I am Haley. Although I was from the beginning. There are long tables everywhere. Tons of decorations and music that isn't too loud and no one making out and being gross in public. We pick a table and eat our pizza. Every table is filled. I realized we are at Ben's birthday party (Ben from Secret life of the American Teenager) and there are kids at every table. As people finish they start to leave and Jamie Scott asks "Uncle Lucas, why is everyone leaving?" and Lucus Scott says "Well JayLuc they don't like Ben very much and are here for the free food" and Jamie Scott says "okay Uncle Lucus but we better stay."

Next thing I know Jamie Scott who really is C inside starts running around and playing. I hear "watch this mom" and know things are about to take a turn. Sure enough Jamie Scott aka JayLuc aka my little C flings himself off a set of stairs and slams his head against a 2x4. (last night C in real life moved all the furniture in the den and was practicing walking on his hands - he kept slamming into the couch and falling down, but he was having a blast) I don't really feel worried, It is almost like I am watching a movie. I don't feel it. I go over and pick him up and make some joke about pressure treated wood. He is okay - but he turns into a dog.

Lucus suggests we get out of there and I agree. But Jamie Lucus Scott (Jayluc) starts chasing me and is trying to bite me, ultimately killing me. But Lucus Scott pulls a pickup truck around and whistles, Jamie Scott starts running into the truck and I jump on a near by loveseat (in real life I was looking at couches online before bed) the love seat is right near the tailgate of the truck so I hold on and Lucus Scott takes off. The sofa careens around the back like a skate board and we get home. The sofa lands next to our sofa in a room I've never seen - but assume is home. So the three of us, now my real husband, S, and the new dog who is my son sit down to watch Days of our Lives.