Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bad Blogger

I have been so busy lately, between work, scouts, baseball, the unbelievably good weather, and life in general I have had no desire sit in front of the computer. But alas here I sit. And wouldn't you know I do not have a thing to say that is important or witty. So here is just the update for posterity's sake.

  • I am getting better at my job. The more I understand the more I realize it is the same old same old day and day out. Nothing is really a new deal everything recycles and I am getting better handling those issues every time the walk through the door.
  • The debt countdown continues, even with the new car added we are 47881.00. The new job is so helping. 
  • We let C stay home alone three times this week in the morning before school. He did so good. The neighbors came over to pick him up for the bus stop and everything ran pretty smoothly. Although one day he did forget to shut the front door. Luckily S is back from CA so this week C won't be alone even for a minute :P)
  • S was in CA last week. It was wicked hard on me. Monday we had Scouts, Tuesday baseball, Wednesday Scouts again - and that meeting I had to run - solo. It isn't that I couldn't do it all, it was just exhausting. Every night we were eating dinner on the fly and rushing from point A to point B. It was just hard. I was so glad when he came walking through the door on Thursday.
  • On Friday I was ready to send him back. 
  • Which brings us to Saturday - I have basically slept all day. I woke up around nine and went back to bed around two. My allergies are kicking my but and my head just hurts. I woke up around six to my husband watching TV in our room while organizing his darn baseball cards! I was so pissed off. Why on earth would he do that? Men. 
  • Now he is at the store buying crap for Nachos. Gross. I am have actaully grown to not like those so much. We went to the store last night and bought enough food for the week - now today he doesn't want any of it. Annoying. But whatever at least I didn't have to go. 
  • On a much happier note, we heard that friends of ours are having twin girls! I am so excited for them. I cannot wait to buy matchy, matchy clothes :P) Also on the baby front one of my favorite patients called yesterday and let me know that her Beta was 518. Um yeah - she might have twins too! So exciting. I love baby news. Especially when it is to those who want it so badly.

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