Sunday, April 1, 2012

It Always Goes Back To It

Today I took C shopping. We were on a mission for clothes for him. The most important thing to find was a navy blue blazer and tie for his first communion in May. I hoped that once the Easter season was upon us I'd find a good deal on that stuff. Obviously I was right. We scored a blue blazer with gold buttons (In a size 12!) with in the first 10 minutes of shopping. So why then did it takes us four hours to finish? What-evs, we got him what he needed, did a little grocery shopping, and picked up some household good along the way. Actually we had a good time, although by the fifth or sixth store I could tell my little guy was getting bored. He is such a good kid, no complaints, no begging for toys or candy, I was so thrilled. 

In other news: I want IUI. Scott, not so much, he wants IVF. We are at a stand still. I am 35, I think the standstill is killing me. A while ago I overheard one of the doctors complaining that a patient wasn't being unreasonable about not having a successful IVF cycle and the doc said "Well she's old, I mean from a reproductive standpoint." The patient was 39. That darn sentence was so flipping ridiculous and it is stuck in my head. It is obviously completely out of context - don't doctor hate - it is just me, I feel old. C is 8 going on 21. We're actaully considering letting him stay home along four days a week after school for 15-25 minutes! How is he so big already - why don't we have four more kids by now? How can we almost be done with daycare? IUI is faster, cheaper, and there are less miscarriages with it, I don't want to loose another - I want to have one!

And in news that doesn't revolve around me, although I will probably make it sound like it does, my dad had knee replacement surgery last week and is doing well. My sister, bless her heart, is taking the week off to spend with him. I am so glad she is there - but of course feel horrible for not doing my part. There isn't much I can do from 500 miles away. Granted my father would argue that it isn't quite 500 miles. I have to be at work, C has to be at school, S at work and so on and so forth. 

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