Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Factory Antics

Dearest Men of Semen Analysis Appointments,

Please oh please stop trying to pass your jizz over the counter to me in the little cup. And please, provide me with some warning if you are actaully going to bring in your goo inside the container inside an old tube sock. I can only choke back laughter so long before I start crying with fits of uncontrollable snorting.

Please just bring the cup in the bag and sign in, really I promise the lab tech will take the sample from you. You really do not want me to take it. Really.

Dearest Nurses,

Please stop passing off your pain in the ass patients to us. Please oh please just tell them yourself that the doc is booked until May. I will bring chocolate. PLEASE!

Dearest Pain in the Ass Patients, 

Please do everything your doctor or nurse tells you - please: YOU MUST GET PREGNANT THIS CYCLE!

1 comment:

Becca B said...

LMAO!!!! Sorry, don't mean to laugh at your pain. But the sock gets me every time. :)