Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today in JCP I wanted to try on a dress. The dressing room had a line but it was all children (In the ladies section) so I figured they were all waiting for their moms and I peaked around the corner to see if there were any other rooms available. What I got was a vision full of naked. Like four women completely in the buff in the hallway of the dressing rooms. I am by far no prude - but geez, there are all these kids everywhere and the sign clearly says "LEAVE UNDERGARMENTS ON WHEN TRYING ON SWIMWEAR". In the end I bought the dress hoping it will fit well. If not I have a back up Easter dress from a few years ago. 

Which leads me to my next topic: The closet purge. For Lent I gave up buying clothes, shoes, and purses. I was horrible at it. A week into it I realized that putting things in an online cart and saving them for Easter Sunday is NOT really giving up shopping for myself. Then one day I bought C clothes and just added a few things for myself. I returned them. Then the other day I was at the thrift store looking for C and found a pair of jeans for myself. As soon as I hit approve on the darn CC machine I realized it and low and behold one cannot return anything there. I figured I'd leave them sit in the drawer until after Easter. But man are they good jeans! Brand new with tags that say SALE 129.99! Michael Khors, size 12, perfect fit. They were 4.99. Which is a great deal there - most times when things have tags they way over price them. I saw on pair of LEVI's for C that were marked 19.99 but they new tags from a department store said 17.99. That was the new price at the regular store. Anyway - back to the closet purge. 

So the first week of Lent I cleaned out my closet. I put away my winter clothes. (we basically skipped that season here) I donated bags and bags and more bags of clothes and shoes that I either never wear or were just ratty and over washed. Then for three weeks I did nothing but think about how badly I needed to go shopping. (so not the point of LENT!) However I did realize that I do have some nice clothes, I just didn't wear them all that often. So I started wearing the dresses in the back of the closet, making sure that my clothes were set up the night before work, making sure things that needed to be dry cleaned were actaully dry cleaned and not thrown in my dryer with hopes that it would be okay, and most of all just plain old taking care of what I had and getting rid of stuff when it was time. In then end I actaully did remember that I can be responsible and moreover reasonable when it comes to what I really need in the fashion department. Unless it comes to shoes and then I am totally screwed, I just love them too much.

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