Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blogging About the Baby Factory

It is most likely that I will be leaving Blogger. It is okay, take a deep breath. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, jump off a bridge. You will be okay without me. Either that or you could follow be over to a new blog :P) My charm will transcend onto a new platform I promise. Why the switch? Logging into Blogger is pain in the butt. I have to log out of my email and then keep trying to log into here until eventually I can view my own blog and have the option for a new post. Sometimes I try a few times and then just give up. For example, I had very good Baby Factory stories to tell this week - but got beat down by the internet log in fairy saying I have multiple accounts.... But I digress, The Highlights:

1. I had to explain to a affluent 30 something year old man what ejaculation meant, in person.
2. Once he left I expressed how odd I thought it was that a man in a suit whom seems affluent enough would ask such a thing. My coworker then said "who the heck is affluent?" Me: "The guy who was just here" Carmen: "No, his name was John..." (Oh Carmen, stay in school sweetie.)
3. Carmen really is back in school for her masters. She is now doing homework all day at work. If you need her, you can now find her at her computer cursing out a teacher. But no worries she really won't be doing much of the work she gets paid for.
4. Old Lady and I now walk at lunch together. Sometimes I am freaked that she is going to fall and break a hip. I suppose that isn't racists but perhaps age discrimination. I am probably going to have to attempt umpteen hours of penance for that one, especially if you add in the fact that when anyone complains about her I just say, "it's okay she's 70 - probably just a little Alzheimer-ish." I say this with a complete straight face.
5. Back to the men. One guy dropped of his sperm for his wife's IUI later that day and kept putting it on the counter. I told him the Andrologist would meet with him to collect his sample and he replied "oh it isn't a sample, this is all of it." They he said "Well I'm in a hurry can you just check it to make sure it is enough?" I almost busted capillaries trying to hold in that laugh.

It was a crazy busy week. I sure wish I could remember all the fun stuff that happened. But as stated before Blogger was being a bitch. So, back to the beginning - I must blog shop. Suggestions?

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