Monday, April 30, 2012

CPS, DSS, Whatever You Want to Call it, We Should Probably Call It.

This weekend was so crazy that work felt like time off today. Seriously. 

In other news, Late Breaking, Panties in a Bunch News, we found out yesterday that mom of the little boy we had sleep over the other night was out of town that night. Oh wait and there is more. The 11 year old sister was home alone. OVER NIGHT! We are beside ourselves. She so could of been over here eating pizza, playing games, and loving homemade pancakes in the morning! More so, she was ALONE, and she didn't really seem to care, like it was no big deal. We didn't see the mom's car until late afternoon on Sunday. S and I agreed that the boy cannot sleep over if his mom isn't in town, (that was our reasoning for him not spending the night last weekend)  but now we are thinking  - those kids better sleep over here or they will be left alone all night. We are so disgusted.

And in all about me news: Obviously I do not have to feel bad about C being alone for 10-15 minutes T-F after school. Just look at others and I swear you'll feel so much better about your self!

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