Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick - Or - Treat & Merry Christmas

Oh what fun we had yesterday! C, S and I headed out to DC to go to the horse show. It was a nice event. We saw the "finals" (whatever that means) of a jumping competition. It was very quiet, calm, and enjoyable. There were no loud buzzers or horns like in regular sporting events, no drunks or rude patrons, there were only families and horse buffs. It was so relaxing. A perfect thing for us to do before the hub bub of trick-or-treat. And a perfect thing to do after the ride there! Crazy traffic in the city and a long trip back home after forgetting the tickets - only us LOL. Who cares - we found FREE parking and the show was really neat.

For the big event (begging for candy) we went onto the base and met up with our friends, the triplets. All the kids were so cute and relatively well behaved. The candy was crazy! There was so much after an hour that we divided it up so S could take some to work. Then I took 3/4 of what was left and hid it. The rest I left in C's pumpkin and let him eat whatever he wants. He even had candy for breakfast. He is crazy hyper today. LOL. I figure best to get it over with all at once. He doesn't have school today or tomorrow because of teacher conference day, so he might as well live it up :D.

Now that Halloween is officially over, time for Christmas!!! So silly since I just complained that stores were playing holiday tunes already. But man am I psyched this year. Mom and I were talking about this last week - how were both really excited for the holidays this year; we think it is because this year we know Grandpa L is in Heaven and no longer in pain. Last year we were all thinking we'd be at a funeral that week. Morbid; sure, but at the same time it is very comforting to know that he is safe in the arms of Jesus this year. At least for me.

So, with the new found excitement for the holiday season, I've started shopping! Heee, heee, heee. I just bought C the new Xbox 360 Kinect that is just like the Wii. It wasn't as expensive as I thought. It you order it directly from Xbox it is only 150.00 plus tax. Shipping is free. I don't know why on Ebay it is like 200.00. (?) Also, I already bought Grandma L a gift pack of Baileys Irish Cream (her new favorite), One cousin a game, and S a few trinkets. I am going to wait to buy anymore toys until Black Friday - when my mom will be here ... reinforcements! LOL. Plus I figure the games for Kinect might be on sale then.

I think today C and I are going to go hiking over at Great Falls National Park. It is really cold out, but clear and most of all colorful. Now, I am wishing though - that I hadn't shaved my legs, I could of used the extra warmth.


Kim said...

So glad Halloween is over. Im excited for Christmas too, although Im stressing about it. Always seems that we need money for this or that when you try to save for Christmas. Oh well shouldnt let them get me down I guess. I love the excitement in my kids eyes when they open gifts. Thats what Im looking forward too

I hope life can only get better said...

LOL about shaving the legs!!! And I totaaly know what oyu mean about christmass. I should be strating or thinking about it, but actually I am dreading it!!!! Too much going on. but, I love christmass! Glad you are having so much fun time!!!!! LOVE IT!